Outlook: Arconic presents its balance sheet for the past quarter | 02/21/21


Arconic can look into the books on February 23, 2021: At the quarterly financial conference, Arconic will disclose the balance sheet for the quarter ended on December 31, 2020.

On average, three analysts estimate that Arconic generated earnings of USD 0.349 per share in the most recent quarter of the year. In the year-ago quarter it was $ 0.530 per share.

When it comes to sales, 3 analysts expect an average of 1.46 billion USD for the past quarter – a decrease of 57.17 percent compared to sales in the same quarter of the previous year. At the time, Arconic had sales of $ 3.40 billion.

Looking at the past fiscal year, 2 analysts expect earnings per share of USD 0.124 on average, compared to USD 2.09 in the previous period. With regard to sales, 3 analysts assume on average that in the most recent fiscal year a total of 5.67 billion USD will be achieved, while it was 10.73 billion USD in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.

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Outlook Arconic presents balance sheet quarter


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