Outlook: Xperi presents figures for the most recent quarter | 02/21/21


Xperi will present results on February 23, 2021 for the most recent quarter, which ended on December 31, 2020.

On average, 3 analysts estimate that earnings of USD 1.84 per share were posted in the past quarter. That would be an increase of 54.62 percent compared to EPS for the same quarter last year when it was $ 1.19 per share.

In terms of revenue, 5 analysts estimate an average of $ 431.6 million for the past quarter – an increase of 240.68 percent compared to revenue in the prior-year quarter. At that time, Xperi had a turnover of 126.7 million USD.

3 analysts put out estimates of an average of USD 3.49 per share for the fiscal year ended, which would be a profit in view of the previous fiscal year. At that time, $ 3.21 per share was earned. In terms of sales, 5 analysts are assuming an average of USD 887.7 million for the fiscal year just ended, compared to USD 413.9 million in the corresponding period before.

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Outlook Xperi presents figures quarter


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