Overwatch 2: Fresh gameplay from the Blizzcon


  • Blizzard shared new details on Overwatch 2 on BlizzConline
  • New maps, character customizations and story content were shown
  •  The re is still no release date

Overwatch is long past its prime. So it’s time that Blizzard’s team shooter was fed some love and content so that it doesn’t die completely. Blizzard’s strategy here is not to upgrade the original game and provide it with new content, but to create an Overwatch successor, which is basically an optimized Overwatch with new story missions.

At BlizzConline, Blizzard did not reveal any information about Overwatch 2 at the opening ceremony. © www.de24.news

 The re the focus was on World of WarCraft, Hearthstone and Diablo. For this, Blizzard showed all waiting shooter fans a video in which some Overwatch developers give a peek behind the scenes and reveal initial information about Overwatch 2. Even the first gameplay was shown there.

In this almost 40-minute video, Jeff Kaplan and his crew introduce the new maps “Rome”, “Paris” and “New York”, show character revisions, new weapons and introduce the upcoming hero missions.

This is what Rome will look like in Overwatch 2. ROMantic, right?


Big, gray skyscrapers? It must be New York!


McCree starts with the character revisions. He gets a longer beard. After such a long time until there is news about Overwatch 2 again, it is not surprising that the beard is a few inches longer.


Pharah is quasi buffed because she can now look through her visor. Of course, this optical change has no effect on the game and the heroine does not get any stronger, but we can now recognize her face and look into her eyes when she crushes us from above with her rocket launcher.


Instead of his white bone mask, Reaper has now bought a metal face covering. That looks more noble and is a much more useful material for combat.


Widowmaker has secured the last appointment in the styling salon. © www.de24.news

 The re she has her hair braided, a new outfit with nicer details and a lighter and more open helmet put on. © www.de24.news

 The  whole thing offers more cyberpunk and less open bust.

In the video, further details such as the PvP and PvE philosophy, changes to other characters, the gameplay feel and first impressions of the story are described. Overwatch 2 is supposed to get a sequel character and not just feel like a DLC.

“We really want Overwatch 2 to feel like the next evolution, a real sequel to the first game, not an add-on. It’s not a small part, it’s not an expansion of the original game. It’s an evolution and a replacement for the original one Game, and I think that’s exciting, “says Kaplan.

While many of you may have been waiting for this, a release date was not announced on BlizzConline. At the beginning of February, Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 (and Diablo 4) cannot be expected before 2022. So the salvation for Overwatch comes late. But better late than never, or how do you see it?

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Overwatch Fresh gameplay Blizzcon


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