ownCloud is repositioning itself: How much more performance through Go?


OwnCloud describes its future as Infinite Scale:  The  developers have put their cloud software on a completely new footing with a rewrite in Go. © www.de24.news

 The  hoped-for leaps in performance are enormous, as Martin Gerhard Loschwitz writes in the new iX 3/2021, and scalability should also benefit from this.

So far, the ownCloud applications were written in PHP – as a matter of course – in PHP 5 for a long time and finally in PHP 7. However, the project repeatedly encountered performance limits, especially in corporate use. Because even if the technical foundation for the holiday pictures was sufficient, even 30 constant users put the system to completely different tests.

After the decision to completely re-implement ownCloud in Go and two years of work, the first technical preview is now available. It also offers a microservice architecture and the high-performance file system EOS developed at CERN. And this clearly shows the new focus of the project: © www.de24.news

 The  new oCIS is clearly designed for companies, because the increased complexity could overwhelm private users.

Readers can find a detailed look at the technical basis and how users can test ownCloud Infinite Scale now in the article:

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ownCloud repositioning performance


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