Pandemic: Switzerland does not move when testing


Testing, testing, testing: That would be particularly important in the current situation. Because researchers at ETH show in a study that Switzerland-wide mass tests could loosen the currently applicable corona measures much faster without the number of cases increasing again. 80 percent of 15 to 65 year olds would have to be tested every week with a saliva test. With this measure, the R-value could be halved.  The  researchers are convinced that it would be economically viable. But the federal government is delaying the approval of cheap rapid tests like that “Sunday newspaper” writes.

© The  Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has been applying for approval for a simple test that analyzes saliva for Covid-19 antigens within ten minutes. © The  test has long been approved and used in all neighboring countries.

© The  cantons also waste valuable time. Some carried out mass tests on certain population groups. However, the test concepts are far from what the ETH professors consider necessary to enable restaurants as well as sports and cultural events to be opened more quickly. Since the Federal Council recommended mass tests to the cantons in January, 13 cantons have submitted a concept for such preventive tests, according to the BAG. Most of them, however, only provide for repeated testing of home residents.

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Pandemic Switzerland move testing


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