Parliamentary election in Kosovo: “If he screws it up, it’s over”


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Kosovo is again electing a new parliament. Dissatisfaction is high, and trust in politics is low. Albin Kurti could benefit from this. However, it is not clear how he will implement his promises.

By Srdjan Govedarica,
ARD studio Vienna

End of the election campaign in Pristina: Around 1000 people cheered Albin Kurti on Friday on Skenderbeu Square. Corona seems to have been forgotten – that gatherings of more than 50 people are currently prohibited in Kosovo, too.

Emrush Hasani thinks Albin Kurti is “the best we’ve had so far”. © The  50-year-old Hasani actually lives near Bielefeld. He could choose from there, but would rather do it in his home country. He is not at all satisfied with the parties in recent years. “© The y all disappointed us: PDK, LDK – everyone.”

Displeasure with corruption, low wages, unemployment

According to surveys, Kurti and his party Vetevendosje – translated self-determination – have the best chances of winning the parliamentary election again. And he likes to surf the wave of dissatisfaction with rampant corruption, low wages and high unemployment. At the rally on Friday 45-year-old Kurti promised the beginning of a new era: “This is a referendum, we are united against corruption, regression and the hijacked state.”

Kurti is difficult to classify politically. Many refer to him as a left nationalist. After his Vetvendosje party won the election, he became Prime Minister in early 2020. But his coalition government with the Democratic League LDK broke up after just 52 days. © The  successor government also failed.

In the early elections, Kurti is now aiming for an absolute majority of the total of 120 parliamentary seats: “It is of great importance that we get at least 61 parliamentary seats so that we can implement a number of reforms to lead Kosovo out of the crisis.”

Albin Kurti (center) promises reforms and a tough fight against corruption.

Image: AFP

Little chance of success for other parties

Nobody knows exactly what reforms Kurti means, because his party has not submitted an election manifesto. This also accuses him of political competition, such as the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), in which many former fighters of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army UCK made careers, including ex-President Hashim Thaci. He and others are charged, among other things, with crimes against humanity before the special Kosovo tribunal in © The  Hague. © The  PDK could get around 20 percent of the vote.

PDK top candidate Enver Hoxhaj does not offer himself as a coalition partner for Kurtis Vetvedosje: “Vetevendosje is in the fog. © The y keep their goals secret, they keep their story secret and they hide. Vetevendosje is dangerous because it is not tangible. Vetevendosje is Fog and fog is dangerous. ”

Opinion researchers see the Democratic League LDK with the top candidate Avdullah Hoti, Kurti’s short-term successor as Prime Minister, just behind the PDK. © The  Alliance for the Future AAK of the former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj can therefore count on almost eight percent of the vote, the “Nisma” of Fatmir Limaj should barely make it into parliament this time.

Kosovars elect a new parliament

daily news 10.15 a.m., 14.2.2021

Is Kurti even allowed to become Prime Minister?

For the supporters of Vetevendosje in Pristina one thing is certain: Kurti is the last chance for Kosovo. That’s what Nusret Gashi, who came from Rosenheim, says. He now has German citizenship and is therefore not allowed to vote in Kosovo. But he came anyway to give Kurti moral support. “If he messes up, it’s over,” says Gashi.

In the end, the Constitutional Court may have to decide whether the possible election winner Kurti can even become Prime Minister. Because Kurti is not allowed to run for a seat in parliament because of a previous conviction: in 2015 he sprayed irritant gas in parliament.

Comeback for Albin Kurti? Kosovo elects a new parliament

Srdjan Govedarica, ARD Wien, 2/14/2021 · 10:49 AM

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