Participant freaks out in quiz show and demolishes studio TV


He didn’t say a word – seconds later he threw away all nerves. A participant in an Icelandic quiz show flinched completely in front of the camera.

At least now it’s official, this man is a very lousy loser. When the opposing team pressed the buzzer a millisecond faster in the latest edition of the Icelandic quiz show “Gettu Betur” on Friday and also won the match with the correct answer, all fuses blew the young glasses wearer.

In front of the camera he suddenly threw his water glass on the floor and knocked his desk over with a loud crack.

 The n he grabbed his teammate’s glass and slammed it past her head against the wall before stomping off the set without a word.

Not only presenter Kristjana Arnarsdóttir was completely perplexed – there was complete silence in the entire studio for a short time. When the shocked hostess wants to continue the program, a loud noise can be heard from the off. Apparently the rioter had not yet reacted completely.

Videos of the incident are now spreading like wildfire on social media. This is how the spirited young man becomes famous because of his freaking out – the only question is whether he will be happy with it. To be on the safe side, glasses should be brought to a safe place near them.

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Participant freaks quiz show demolishes studio


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