Pastoor: “Team that scream the most get the most free kicks”


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 The  SCR Altach has to accept a clear bankruptcy after the interim leadership: After the 1: 5 defeat at Austria Wien, coach Alex Pastoor struggled not only with the lack of organization of his team, but also with the referee.

“I don’t really want to talk about referees because I have to judge my team. But I haven’t often seen so many wrong decisions, not as a player and not as a coach, ”said the Dutch coach, expressing his displeasure. “© The  team that screams the most gets the most free kicks and it was even worse at the end of the game, even though the ball was just played. ”

Subotic: “Got the neck blow from the referee”

Nonetheless, Pastoor also wants to look for the reasons for the envy in the performance of his team: “We then lose the whole organization and it is precisely this organization that makes every team strong. A referee has nothing to do with that. ”

Offside goal initiates Austria’s runaway victory against Altach

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Pastoor Team scream free kicks


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