Patty Jenkins: “I already know the pressure”


Patty Jenkins’ first feature film brought Charlize  The ron an Oscar, with “Wonder Woman” the director achieved a world hit. Now she has shot part two – a third is to follow. Conversation about the beauty of little things and Donald Trump as inspiration for the villain.

Patty Jenkins’ first feature film “Monster” brought leading actress Charlize © The ron an Oscar. But after that, the director felt like many women in her job: Instead of exciting offers, she had to stay afloat by staging individual episodes of series such as “Entourage” or “©

 The  Killing”. Until she directed the comic book adaptation “Wonder Woman” – and in 2017 it landed a world hit. Jenkins has also taken over the direction of the sequel “Wonder Woman 1984”. In the meantime she can hardly save herself from projects: She is currently preparing a new “Star Wars” adventure, a film about Cleopatra and her own mini-series at the same time. And there should also be another “Wonder Woman” sequel from her.

In 2017 “Wonder Woman” became the most successful film ever directed by a woman. Just a few weeks after the film was released, you agreed to continue it. Weren’t you afraid of repeating yourself?

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Patty Jenkins pressure


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