PC in the cloud: Apple throws shadow again from the App Store


Apple has thrown the cloud service Shadow for the second time from the App Store. Since the weekend, the app of the same name can no longer be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. When reviewing the latest update, Apple rejected and removed the app, but the provider did not provide the reason given. One is in talks with Apple to “better understand” the matter, says Shadow and hope to bring the app back to the store.

Existing users who have already loaded the app can continue to use it for the time being, but the provision of updates is no longer possible after Apple has been kicked out, as Shadow emphasizes – the user experience can therefore deteriorate over time, according to the provider.  The  Mac app is not affected by the expulsion, it is offered for download by the provider itself and is not sold in Apple’s app store.

Shadow was thrown from the App Store a year ago because of rule violations: Apple was apparently bothered by the fact that the app was marketed as a cloud gaming service. Cloud gaming or “streaming games” are now permitted on paper at Apple, but in practice the specifications are not a viable option for large providers: Apple, for example, requires that all games contained in a service be submitted individually for testing and as Put your own apps in the App Store. Accordingly, all major providers from Nvidia’s GeForce Now to Google Stadia to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have switched to the browser in order to bring their services to iPhone and iPad.

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More from Mac & i

Shadow is not a classic cloud gaming service: For 13 euros a month, users can rent access to a powerful Windows 10 PC in a data center, run software on it in the cloud and stream it to the locally used app. After returning to the App Store, Shadow avoided any reference to gaming in the product description. © www.de24.news

 The  focus of the service is undoubtedly on games that the user has to buy themselves, they are not part of the subscription.


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