Pertl amazes, Vinatzer grandiose – Ski World Cup 2021

Pertl amazes, Vinatzer grandiose - Ski World Cup 2021

Alex Vinatzer showed a sensational performance. © APA / afp / FABRICE COFFRINI

Adrian Pertl caused a big surprise at the World Ski Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo on Sunday and leads the World Championship slalom. But: A strong Alex Vinatzer is close on his heels.

© The  warm temperatures forced those responsible to take tough action before the race: Because they feared that the track would deteriorate significantly, it was decided that the 15th would open the second round – and not the 30th as traditionally. That counted the first Passage inevitably resulted in the athletes choosing an even greater risk. Countless failures and many spectacular drives were the result.

Despite the warm temperatures, the slope was compact. This meant that the back numbers also had the chance to set a good time. Like Adrian Pertl, for example, who entered the race with the number 8 and burned a fabulous time in the snow. He kept the international competition in check and leads for the first time after half time. Alex Vinatzer provided the next proof of the perfectly holding slope: After the difficult January, the Wolkensteiner exhausted his full potential, drove as if on rails and was only 14 hundredths of a second behind the leader at halftime. “I recently returned to the flat terrain, found the feeling there and now I am here,” said a happy Vinatzer.

Adrian Pertl reaches for the World Cup medal. © APA / afp / ANDREAS SOLARO

© The  top field gave nothing away on the rapidly turning course. Led by Pertl, 14 runners classified themselves within one second. Behind Vinatzer are Sebastian Foss-Solevåg (3rd), Kristoffer Jakobsen (4th), Clement Noel (5th) and Henrik Kristoffersen (6th) in wait. © The y didn’t make any mistakes either, so they are just behind Pertl. Marco Schwarz (8th) is capable of anything despite an imperfect run – just like Alexis Pinturault in 7th place.

And Manfred Mölgg? ©

 The  veteran struggled to find the rhythm, was 1.40 seconds behind and missed the top 15. His team-mate Stefano Gross did better, was even in the lead in the second interim time, but then got involved. For Giuliano Razzoli, too, the race was over after a few seconds, even though he still finished what was possibly his last World Championship run.


 The  decision in the slalom will be made at 1.30 p.m. With the SportNews-Liveticker don’t miss anything.


 The  result:

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Pertl amazes Vinatzer grandiose Ski World Cup


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