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 The  Japanese publisher and game developer Nippon Ichi Software has a Teaser-Website launched, suggesting a new game. However, there is currently only one video on the site showing a picturesque clearing with moving flowers, bushes and leaves. ©

 The  words appear at the end of the video “Coming
on. ©

 The  site is supposed to change daily and thereby reveal more information about the game.

Through the Japanese dealer Bic Camera, who had listed the game in the meantime, one suspects that it is the title “Warui Ousama to Rippa-na Yuusha”, which translates©

Wicked King and the Noble Hero”
means. ©

 The  game should be on 24. June 2021 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch appear. According to an accompanying description, the game is about the young girl Yuu, who wants to follow in the footsteps of her deceased hero-father. She was raised by the king dragon and inspired by the stories she is told about her father, she would like to become a noble heroine herself. But the villain her father has already fought against is none other than the king dragon who tells her heroic stories every evening. ©

 The  hand-drawn graphics that are currently also being seen on the website are intended to drag you through the entire game and give the impression of reading a picture book instead of playing a video game. However, do not be fooled by the peaceful atmosphere, because the mysterious world is also inhabited by nasty monsters who want to cause unrest.

Are you looking forward to the mysterious game?

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Picturesque Glade Mysterious Teaser Website Announces Game Nippon Ichi Software ntower


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