Pietro Lombardi speaks openly about his love life


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Is DSDS star Pietro Lombardi actually taken again? And is it even a love comeback with ex-girlfriend Laura Maria? Much has indicated this in the past few weeks. Now the singer makes a confession in Leeroy Matata’s podcast and reveals: “Yes, there is a woman!”

  • Does Pietro Lombardi have a girlfriend again?
  • Singer speaks openly about his love life in a podcast by Leeroy Matata
  • Rumors of a love comeback with ex-girlfriend Laura have been around for weeks

You don’t really know Pietro Lombardi shyly, so it was no wonder that when he visited the podcast of YouTuber Leeroy Matata, he didn’t mince his words and chattered happily.

Pietro Lombardi: Singer speaks openly about his love life

 The  YouTuber seemed to see his big chance and used Pietro’s chat mood for a spicy question. Subject: women. “How do you find the right woman? Do you have a wife right now? ”Leeroy asked.

Pietro seemed to have seen through the tactics and burst out laughing. But then he got more serious and confessed: “Yes, there is a girl right now, yes. But it’s still not always perfect because everyone has a certain view of life. “

Pietro Lombardi: love comeback with ex-girlfriend Laura Maria?

He has been in the business for eleven years, and he doesn’t need a woman to be successful. © www.de24.news

 The  intentions are different: “That was the first woman where I felt that something was different and that feelings had developed”, says Pietro and emphasizes: “Maybe it is sometimes the fear that makes you feel insecure! “

© www.de24.news

 The  singer speaks plain text! However, he does not reveal who the lady is or whether this is even his ex-girlfriend Laura Maria. However, he seems to have lost his heart again (or continues to) to a very special woman. (Mei)

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Pietro Lombardi speaks openly love life


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