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Pietro Lombardi speaks openly about his love life


Pietro Lombardi is not alone

Pietro Lombardi (28) and love: is the DSDS star finally taken again? Is that the confirmation for a love-combeack with ex-girlfriend Laura Maria? Much has indicated this in the past few weeks. And Pietro finally gets concrete in his talk on “Leeroy’s Podcast”. He confesses: there is a woman in his life!

 The re is a girl, but it is not easy

Pietro is a guest on the Amazon podcast and speaks openly about his life, his family and his DSDS career. And his private life is also discussed: “Yes, there is a girl right now, but everything is not easy right now,” he says there. “She is the first woman with whom I noticed that it was different. Perhaps there is also fear, but when it all levels off and you become even more one, then that is also the woman I have been with for the rest of my life spend. “

Did Pietro really find the woman for life?

Video – Podcast Talk: That’s why he doesn’t show it openly, but Sarah does

That speaks for a love comeback with Laura Maria

Pietro thinks a lot about the future

Pietro also has other doubts about the future: “Apart from the public, I am human. Who really wants people? And who really wants me, even when I have nothing left? When at some point it’s all over, fame, money, hype it all goes over. It doesn’t last forever. I know that too. But who is there then? “

We hope it’s Laura Maria!

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Pietro Lombardi speaks openly love life


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