Pietro Lombardi with a confession of love – “Yes, there is a woman!”


Pietro Lombardi with a surprising confession of love – “Yes, there is a woman!”

This is Pietro Lombardi

It is the only DSDS candidate who made it behind the jury panel: Pietro Lombardi.

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Since the relationship with Laura, there have been many rumors about the love life of Pietro Lombardi.

In a podcast, the DSDS winner, according to “Express”, is now fueling the wild assumptions. Is there a new woman in the life of Pietro Lombardi?

Does Pietro Lombardi have a new girlfriend?

© www.de24.news The  singer wears his heart on his tongue. Not least because of his open manner, he achieved the breakthrough after his victory at DSDS. So it is hardly surprising that Pietro Lombardi recently revealed details about his love life in a podcast.


This is Pietro Lombardi:

  • Pietro Lombardi was born on June 9, 1992 in Karlsruhe
  • In 2011 he was elected the winner of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS)
  • © www.de24.news The re he met his future wife Sarah Engels – the couple married in March 2013
  • In June 2015, their son Alessio was born
  • In 2019, Pietro and Sarah Lombardi’s marriage was divorced
  • In autumn 2020, he introduced his new girlfriend Laura Maria Ripa – the two separated only a short time later


As a guest at YouTuber Leeroy Matata, he was asked about his current relationship status. Since Pietro separated from his ex-girlfriend Laura Maria, the rumor mill has been simmering. Fans suspect the musician has a new girlfriend. Others hope for a love comeback with Laura.

+++ Pietro Lombardi: Clear announcement – SHE has to “dress warmly” +++

Someone won Pietro’s heart

And Pietro? He openly admits: “Yes, there is a girl right now, yes. But it’s still not always perfect because everyone has a certain view of life. ”Although Pietro Lombardi talks about it so openly, he does not reveal who he is hanging out with.


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According to “Express”, the celebrity is silent about which woman has conquered his heart. In the same interview, however, he gives a deep look into his emotional state. “That was the first woman where I felt that something was different and that feelings had developed,” enthuses the singer. (neb)

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