Plastic waste from Malaysia back in Austria


 The  environmental organization Greenpeace reports on documents that indicate the prohibited shipping of plastic waste. some containers got stuck in customs and are now being examined by the Federal Environment Agency.

100 tons of plastic waste from Malaysia are back in Austria. © The  environmental protection organization Greenpeace reports this via broadcast. © The  plastic waste had been illegally taken out of the country the previous year.

© The  forbidden trade in Plastikmüll According to an Interpol analysis, this is a booming business worldwide. At that time, Greenpeace reported a case in which 700 tons of non-recyclable material from Austria were found Malaysia have been shipped.

According to Greenpeace, the Austrian authorities had the few rubbish containers that remained at customs returned for laboratory testing by the Federal Environment Agency. On Monday, officials from the Ministry of the Environment took samples from the containers that were in the
will be examined for their chemical content in the coming weeks. “© The  result of the analysis will also decide on a possible penalty for the Austrian companies involved in the export,” said the NGO. “We urgently need strict controls that
Make sure companies take responsibility for their garbage
take over your waste in an environmentally friendly manner in Austria
process ”, demands Lisa Panhuber, consumer expert at Greenpeace in

© The  shipping of mixed goods, i.e. non-recyclable and contaminated with chemicals Plastikmüll to Malaysia has been banned since 2019, as in all non-OECD countries.

In addition to the 28 containers in 2020, according to the documents available to Greenpeace, at least eleven containers with rubbish from Austria were also imported in 2019 Malaysia shipped. Official reports to the Ministry of the Environment about transports of Plastikmüll to Malaysia However, there are none.

© The  economic background: Proper disposal or incineration of garbage in Austria is expensive due to environmental regulations and higher labor costs, according to the Association of Austrian Waste Management Companies between 100 and 170 euros per ton burned. In the current case, that would have been up to 120,000 euros. Instead, the Asian trader is said to have assumed the costs for transport and customs under the false assumption that he could recycle and resell the material.

In view of a report by the EU Environment Agency EEA from October 2019, 700 tonnes is a small amount, because the EU is expected to produce around 1.8 million tonnes in 2019 Plastikmüll have been exported. However, last year Greenpeace pointed to an analysis by the Transcrime research center for the EU project “Blockwaste”, according to which over 50 percent of hazardous waste in Austria would disappear from the official market.


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Plastic waste Malaysia Austria


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