Playstation 5: finally PS5 replenishment? Insiders report a new wave of sales


When the Playstation 5 will finally be available again and where you have the best chances of getting a PS5, insiders have now revealed.

  • Everywhere in Germany and the world fans ask themselves: “When do they exist? PS5 finally to buy again? “
  • Insider explain how likely a fourth big wave of sales is Playstation 5 is.
  • Consumers should also keep an eye on some retailers.

Offenbach –  The  fans of the Playstation 5 always. Although little by little some of the gaming consoles from Sony In the shops, the supply usually does not even begin to cover the demand. It is all the more important for consumerto keep a close eye on the individual stores and online shops. Because only those who are fast can get one PS5 to back up.

“But where can I get them Playstation 5 because now to buy?”, wonder Gamer virtually around the clock. Insider have now revealed which ones Shops Users will apparently soon be happy and which stores will probably not have PS5 on their (virtual) shelves.

Playstation 5: Where can I get the new PS5? Insiders have a tip

After a lot of back and forth, some are allowed to meet Gamer finally happy: at the end of January most of the at Media Markt and Saturn pre-ordered Sony consoles finally arrived. © The  hashtag # wobleibtmeineps5 became myps5istjetztda. But at first only those who had made it could be happy Playstation 5 to pre-order. Most of the others came away empty-handed. In early February, some news portals reported that finally, for example MediMax and Gamestop some consoles would be for sale again. But here too there was joy for many Gamer short-lived, as always PS5 Out of stock after a few minutes. Now there is new hope.

As the “GamesWirtschaft” portal emphasizes, it assumes at least two sales campaigns that could start in the next few days. Because: At German dealers who haven’t had any in the past few days PS5 made available, the chances are good. In the next few days, one or the other console could be in the range again. Conversely, this also means that with others Dealers, once nothing should be available. This may be due to the fact that these German providers are currently busy and busy with ordering and shipping. Still, lovers should do this too Stores keep an eye on, because nothing is excluded.

Dealers who haven’t sold a PS5 in the past two weeks Dealers who have had consoles in their range in the past two weeks
Amazon Alternate
Müller Euronics
Media Markt Expert
Otto Gamestop
Conrad Saturn
Source: GamesWirtschaft

PS5: Is there another big wave of Playstation 5 sales?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a fourth big wave of sales of the PS5 at the moment. As “GamePro” reports, dealers are currently proceeding differently. Instead of going to the start with large contingents and the fans of the Playstation 5 forewarning, bring them Sony consoles now launched in smaller numbers – and mostly without any major announcement.

Furthermore, the insiders expect that Media Markt and Saturn more in the near future PS5-Bundles could have in the range. Behind the bundles of the Playstation 5 lies a strategy of the online retailers with which they want to defend themselves against scalpers. A bundle usually consists of the console and, for example, one game. ©

 The  reasoning behind this is as simple as it is ingenious.


 The  demand for the new Playstation 5 from Sony is still huge. Where can I buy the console? (Symbol image)

© Imago / Budrul Chukrut

Playstation 5: ©

 The  PS5 in a bundle – that’s behind it

Many bots that are used by scalpers to grab the Playstation 5 as quickly as possible have simple programming. ©

 The y browse the portals after the PS5 from. ©

 The  focus of the search is on the Bots often on individual items, the portal continues. Because several items are offered in a bundle, the bots “overlook” the offer and switch to the next provider.

But what the bots may not have achieved, attentive gamers have succeeded in the past few days. Because just like the individual offers of the Sony console the PS5 bundles were also sold out within a short time. It is unclear whether the dealers’ tactic worked. Who is a Playstation 5 want to secure, should have a look at the Twitter bots in addition to the various shops. Among other things the Twitter Bot „PS5 Bot DE“ informs about the news service when and especially where the PS5 is to be had. But the fact is still: fans have to be quick, because the bot already has over 44,000 followers. (Sophia Lother)

List of rubric lists: © Imago / Budrul Chukrut

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Playstation finally PS5 replenishment Insiders report wave sales


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