Police break the birthday of a ten-year-old with 20 people


Heidelberg –  The  has a celebration for the tenth birthday of a boy with 20 people in attendance police ended in Heidelberg.
The police broke up a children's birthday party in Heidelberg.  (Symbol image)

© www.de24.news The  police broke up a children’s birthday party in Heidelberg. (Symbol picture) © 123RF / Olga Yastremska

© www.de24.news

 The  police announced on Saturday that neighbors had notified the officers late Friday evening about disturbing the peace.

When the officials came, a total of 20 people, including eight children, were in the two-room apartment and in the courtyard of the property, despite the corona pandemic.

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 The  apartment owner – the father of the birthday child – and the guests are now waiting for advertisements.

“Even if the exit restrictions have now been relaxed or lifted, the contact restrictions for private meetings in public or private areas are still valid,” warned the police.

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Police break birthday tenyearold people


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