Post-Covid: The illness after the illness


Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, around 390,000 people have survived a corona infection in Bavaria, according to the State Office for Health. In the statistics, these people are considered recovered.

In fact, many of them are still struggling to get back to normal.  The y often suffer from long-term consequences such as shortness of breath or chronic fatigue, and are often unable to work even after months.

Those affected are now starting to organize. And they make demands on politics. In the district of Regensburg, pioneering work is being done for all of Germany.

Former Covid-19 patients from all over Germany are getting in touch

In December, Karl Baumann from Wenzenbach founded one of the first online self-help groups for former Covid-19 patients in Germany. He received so many inquiries from all over the republic that he now looks after three such groups. “What is of course important that post-Covid is now recognized as a disease.”

In the coming week he has the opportunity to express his wishes to a higher authority. Baumann has an appointment for a video chat with Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU).

Baumann wants to present the minister with a list of suggestions that he has collected in the self-help groups: ©

 The se include, for example, better medical aftercare especially for former Covid-19 patients and help with reintegration into everyday working life.

Understanding of Post-Covid Patients

Birgit Birner from Hirschau is a fellow sufferer and helps organize the self-help groups. She generally wants more understanding for post-Covid patients. “©

 The  most important thing is that you accept that the other person is sick. Because you can’t tell by looking at them. You look fit, but how you feel inside is a completely different story,” said Birner.

Even many general practitioners often lack sensitivity due to a lack of experience, says Birner. It will be particularly difficult for many former Covid patients to return to work because they will then depend on the understanding of their superiors.

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