Press conference with Flick and Coman before the game at Lazio

Press conference with Flick and Coman before the game at Lazio

For FC Bayern things are going on in quick succession.

After the detour to the Club World Cup and two Bundesliga games, the Munich team will be challenged in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Before the round of 16 first leg at Lazio Rome (from 9 p.m. on LIVETICKER), coach Hansi Flick and Kingsley Coman spoke about the current sensitivities of the team.  The  press conference in TICKER for reading.

+++ Flick about concerns about Corona +++

“We all live in worry. We have tightened the measures. ©

 The se are things that we live with and will probably have to live with for a while. We are on the right track. Of course, we also want calm to return. But nobody can say yet whether something is coming. We also have people in our staff who belong to the risk groups. We have to take special care of them. “

+++ Flick again about Süle +++

“For some players we put in a maintenance day. But he will certainly be there tomorrow.”

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+++ Flick about Musiala +++


 The re are fluctuations in the development of such a young player. ©

 The re has been a lot of commotion around him in the last few weeks. He didn’t perform as well as normal against Tigres. But he is on the right track again and will be a topic for tomorrow.”

+++ Flick on SPORT1 demand from Lazio and Klose +++


 The y played very well against Dortmund. Miro can always help, not just against Lazio. He brings good input. He saw the coach for four more months in his last year. He also played with some players. ©

 The  coaching training takes a lot It takes time. But it will soon be over. I know myself that when the exams are imminent, you are a bit excited and want to finish them as well as possible. We will give him all the time he needs for that. “

+++ Flick over the loads +++

“We know what has happened in the last few days. I want my team to be back from the start. I have absolute confidence that the team will show that at Lazio.”

+++ Flick about Süle +++

“Niklas was hurt. I don’t need the players 100% fit until tomorrow. It could be that Joshua is playing on the right side.”

+++ Flick about the Goretzka recovered from Corona +++

“It shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nothing left behind with him and Javi. He’ll play against Lazio from the start. ©

 The n we’ll see how long he can hold out.”

+++ Flick about the condition of the team +++

“I’m not looking for excuses. We weren’t good against Bielefeld and Frankfurt, we can be satisfied with the second halves. We have to see that we’re back in top form before the Champions League games. ©

 The se are special games. I expect the players to be motivated.

+++ Flick is expected +++

Bayern coach Hansi Flick will shortly also comment on the game in Rome.

+++ Coman about problems in the last games +++


 The  trips were very exhausting and we had few players available because of Corona. But tomorrow is the game in the Champions League. Of course we want to win that.”

+++ Coman about his final goal +++

“I have even more confidence now. But I had an important place in the team even before I scored in the CL final.”

+++ Coman on injury to Tolisso +++

“It’s a difficult situation for him. I know how difficult it is to come back. You have to give your maximum.”

+++ Coman starts the press round +++

“We have a lot of tests, it’s part of life. ©

 The re are a lot of rules and regulations. But we have to take all these precautions in order to play.”

+++ Coman knows how to do it +++

Kingsley Coman is the figure of the triumph of Lisbon. Robert Lewandowski may have scored the most goals in the last Champions League season, but the Frenchman scored the most important in the 1-0 win in the final against PSG. Does he reveal today how it could work out against Lazio?

+++ Flick before the next challenge +++

Bayern have now won the Champions League three times. But they have never been able to defend their title. Against Lazio around super striker Ciro Immobile, the next step to a possible premiere should now be made.

+++ It’s going to be tight in the Bundesliga +++

Before the trip to Qatar for the Club World Cup, Bayern were still seven points ahead of RB Leipzig at the top of the table. Now, two weeks later, the lead over the Saxons has melted to just two points. At least since the defeat in Frankfurt and the victory of Leipzig at Hertha BSC, the title race has been exciting again.

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