Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: After the Baby News: Serious allegations against them


Duchess Meghan is five months pregnant. Malicious tongues claim that she planned her pregnancy meticulously. For economic reasons, for better social positioning and to regain influence at court. Many English people judge even harsher.

 The  black and white photo looks like a painting of perfect happiness. It is reminiscent of a scene from “Notting Hill”, one of the most beautiful love films of all time. Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle) has laid her head on Harry’s (36) lap, and her prince is gently stroking her hair. A baby bump bulges under her dress, which the Duchess touches gently with her right hand. © The  famous film scene with Julia Roberts (53) and Hugh Grant (60) was shot in “Rosmead Garden” in London, not far from Kensington Palace – the place where Meghan and Harry’s love began. © The  photo, with which the Sussexes now announced the good news that Meghan is pregnant again after a miscarriage last year, was taken in the garden of their villa in the California celebrity paradise Montecito. It also shows the split between the couple, because unlike Julia Roberts, who plays a Hollywood star in “Notting Hill” and moves to London out of love, actress Meghan fled with Harry to her old home, the USA, and threw the British in a farewell interview to have little empathy. In England, the joy of her new baby happiness is therefore subdued. She is even hostile on the Internet.

Sweet news from the Sussexes: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are expecting their second child. © The  beautiful photo that the couple published on the occasion of their pregnancy can be seen in the video above.

Serious allegations against Meghan Markle

Meghan stole the show with the announcement of the baby news Eugenie (30) – she had given birth to a boy a few days earlier. © The  whole setting with the photo looks “fake” like a reality show. And some even believe that Meghan wants to blackmail the Queen with her baby in the negotiations for “Megxit”. Serious accusations that the Duchess will hardly be able to endure. Her soul suffers badly from malicious press reports and hatred on the Internet, Meghan had already said in several interviews. So she tries to protect her privacy as best she can.

But the British royal family expert Piers Morgan (55) claims: “© The  duke couple do not want privacy. © The y want advertising – but only if it is positive. A few days ago they branded the press as ‘inhuman’, and now they have they released the baby announcement photo for publication because it strengthens their brand. ” © The  statement published by the couple shows that his criticism could be justified. It sounds very royal, although the two have renounced the royal family: “We can confirm that Archie will soon be a big brother. © The  Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed that they are expecting their second child.”

Not like Archie (1): How the pregnancy announcement of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan has changed, you can see in the video below.

Today everything is different: a private photo instead of a royal statement


© Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images;

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So the Queen congratulated Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth (94), who had been informed in advance by Meghan and Harry, said: “© The  whole family is delighted and wishes them all the best.” That sounds conciliatory and gives hope that the upcoming negotiations on the consequences of the “Megxit” will bring a good result for everyone involved. It is said in England that Harry could lose his military ranks, which are very important to him, through the “Megxit”. Meghan even threatens the loss of her duchess title if, as expected, she should go into US politics. © The re are already the first signs that she is seeking office for the Democratic Party. However, the title of nobility is extremely important for their advertising deals, as it flushes millions into the cash register. © The  still unborn baby, according to evil tongues in England, could ensure that the Queen is lenient.


The birth of the baby could be a mess

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan
© The  birth of the baby could be a mess
On Valentine’s Day, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced that little Archie would have a sibling. An expert reveals why the birth of the new mini-royal should cause chaos.

© The se hidden messages are behind Harry and Meghan’s baby message

Meghan’s character is therefore seen as manipulative. Fortunately, however, it is also enjoying a lot of encouragement these days. Her fans are happy that she is pregnant again after her miscarriage in July 2020. Especially the little hidden messages that are hidden in the baby message are praised. Meghan is wearing a Carolina Herrera (82) dress that was tailored for her when she was pregnant with Archie. © The  baby news was announced on Valentine’s Day – as Diana († 36) once did when she was pregnant with Harry. She timed her statement so that on Valentine’s Day 1984 all the newspapers headlined that she is expecting her second child. And: © The  new, beautiful photo was taken by the London Black Lives Matter activist Misan Harriman (43), who became known in Germany as a business partner of Boris Becker (53).

With these messages, the duke couple want to show that they have not yet completely broken ties to England and the royal family. So despite the fierce criticism in Harry’s homeland, there is hope for reconciliation.

by Stefan Blatt

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Wow, these outfits are real eye-catchers! You can see the most beautiful looks of Duchess Meghan in her first pregnancy in the video below.

Baby bump in focus: the most beautiful looks of your pregnancy


© Chris Jackson/Jon Bond/Getty Images; TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images;


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