Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: Prince William is “shocked and sad” about their statement


 The  hustle and bustle around the Sussexes just doesn’t want to end: © The  Queen is “not amused” not only by her statement, but also by the Oprah interview.

How great was the joy when Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle) announced that their son Archie (1) would have a little sibling in June. But the news of the new pregnancy is overshadowed by negative headlines. After it became known that the Sussexes would not be returning to the British Crown as working family members after a year of testing, they made a statement that it was tough. Above all, Prince William (38) foams with anger at her words, which he finds “stubborn and insulting to the Queen”.

After the final resignation of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, many questions remain. In the following video, our royal expert gives answers about the royal out of the Sussexes.

Expert on resignation:

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Prince William is enraged by his brother’s reaction

As a source “” revealed, the husband of Duchess Kate (39) is said to be extremely “shocked and sad” about the statement by his brother and sister-in-law. After the palace announced that Harry and Meghan would no longer be allowed to take on “responsibilities and duties associated with a life in public service”, the couple countered just minutes after Buckingham Palace announced: “Like their work last year demonstrated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain committed to their duty and service in Britain and around the world. (…) We can all lead a life of service. © The  service is universal. “


What does resignation mean for Archie & her unborn baby?

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan
What does resignation mean for Archie & her unborn baby?
It’s official: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are out of the Royal Family! Will the Queen’s grandson and his kids still remain in line to the throne?

Is the Queen Harry and Meghan also withdrawing the Duke title?

Too much for Prince William, who does not approve of the behavior towards his grandmother. According to the Times, he was “deeply sad and honestly shocked” – it was “very upset about what happened.” But that’s not all: Although Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have to give up sponsorships and Harry’s military honorary titles are revoked, the couple retain the titles of Duke and Duchess – but for how long? It is rumored that Queen Elizabeth II (94) also wants to withdraw these, as they are not compatible with the new lucrative life in America.

What a difference: In the following video you can see how the Sussex Duchess announced Meghan’s first and second pregnancy.

Today everything is different: a private photo instead of a royal statement

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Danger of explosion: © The re are “no taboos” in the TV interview with Oprah Winfrey

© The  interview with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey (67), whose TV broadcast is scheduled for March 7, also provides a source of ignition. Allegedly, Harry and Meghan recorded the interview three days before their resignation – the talk legend is said to have flown to California on her £ 50 million private jet to spend two days with Harry and Meghan. Oprah Winfrey was with them just before the Sussexes’ statement. It seems clear that the interview makes the rifts between them and the palace even deeper. A good friend of Oprah’s Gayle King, 66, recently revealed that there will be “no taboos” and that “nothing is forbidden” in this conversation.


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