Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: The Queen was “taken by surprise” by her TV interview


Not only the statement by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan is fueling the British royals, but also the Oprah interview.

 The  events of Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39, née Meghan Markle) seem to be rolling over: First the good news about the second pregnancy, then the matter of the interview with US talk legend Oprah Winfrey (67), which took place on March 7th is to be aired and finally the reaction of the Sussexes to the announcement of their final royal from ‘Buckingham Palace. A special faux pas from Harry and Meghan: © The y did not inform Queen Elizabeth II (94) about the TV interview in advance – Harry’s grandmother was taken by surprise and found out about it through the press.

What exactly does Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s final withdrawal mean? And what are the consequences for your children? Our Royal expert gives answers to burning questions in the following video!

Expert on resignation:

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Insider: Harry urged the differences to be resolved early

A source confirmed Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s secrecy to “” – and their motivation for it: “© The y kept the interview completely secret. Nothing was said to the Queen, nothing was said to the palace. By the sequence of events, it seems obviously they wanted to wait for the Queen’s final decision before tapping the Oprah interview. ” Allegedly, Harry is said to have pushed for an early settlement with the family, but that did not come about until the interview with Oprah Winfrey was recorded.


Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan
Prince William is “shocked and saddened” by her statement
© The  hustle and bustle around the Sussexes just doesn’t want to end: © The  Queen is “not amused” not only by her statement, but also by the Oprah interview.

Oprah interview does not affect the Queen’s decision

Not only did Prince Harry hurt the Queen and his brother Prince William (38) by reacting to his resignation – no, Harry has now kept the interview to himself and his grandmother only found out about it through the press. And that even before the palace was announced: © The  US broadcaster CBS made an early statement after ITV became aware of the planned project. However, this information should not have had any influence on the queen’s decision – before that, she wrote the letter to her grandson, in which she informed him of the consequences such as the deprivation of his military honorary title and the withdrawal of his sponsorships.

© The  Queen spends a lot of time at the magnificent Windsor Castle. In the following video you will get a rare glimpse and see how it can be lived as Queen of England.

Splendid halls & picturesque landscape: this is where she spends her quiet phases

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Explosive interview like back then in Princess Diana’s († 36) times

Insiders are sure that the interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which Harry and Meghan talk about topics such as royal life, their wedding, motherhood and social commitment, is pure explosive. A friend of Oprah had already revealed in advance that “nothing is forbidden” in this TV conversation and that there will be “no taboos”. Whether it will be as explosive as the BBC interview with Harry’s mother Princess Diana († 36) in 1995 remains to be seen. However, the material certainly has potential for this.


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