Prince Philip: He’s been in the clinic for days


Prince Philip: Has his condition worsened?

How bad is Prince Philip really?  The  Queen’s 99-year-old husband was admitted to a London hospital a few days ago after falling apart felt uncomfortable have. Initially, the palace spoke of a short stay in the clinic:

© The  Duke is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days to be watched and rest.

But the more days go by the greater the worry to Prince Philip. And now shows that the situation could be more serious than previously thought Prince Charles’ reactionwho totally after a hospital visit stands next to him.

Prince Charles: tears after hospital visit

Prince Philips eldest son visited his father at King Edward VII’s Hospital yesterday. Because of the corona pandemic, the royals are visiting only under “extraordinary circumstances” allowed, so a spokesman beforehand. It goes without saying that Charles is worried about a hasty visit. Especially the paparazzi photos then raise questions. © The  reason: © The  72-year-old looks visibly agitated, has tears in the eyesas he leaves the hospital premises in his car.

More about the royals:

Because of Prince Philip: Prince Harry is in quarantine

Prince Charles is not the only royalwho is said to be concerned about Prince Philip. As “Mirror” reported a few days ago, Prince Harry is said to be in his adopted home Los Angeles already put in quarantine to be able to fly to England by private jet as quickly as possible and at his grandfather’s side to be.

Prince Charles: Strong criticism of the visit to Prince Philip

However, Charles’ brief visit to his father is not well received by everyone. Especially on the net there is criticism for the heir to the throne. © The  tenor: Many Brits are allowed to own theirs because of the current Corona restrictions Do not visit relatives in the hospital – and exceptions should now apply to royals. On Twitter, many users vent their anger about it – and become very clear. ©

 The re is “unequal standards“, complains a user according to the” NZ Herald “and wants to know if Prince Charles is now had to pay a finebecause he did not adhere to conditions.

But the royal family is also enjoying popularity online. Some users note that there are hospitals in the UK where Visits from relatives allowed are. Under the hashtag Princephilip there are still many well-being wishes for the Queen’s husband.

Prince Philip: Prince William gives update on health


 The  royal family itself holds on rather covered with information to Philips health status. So far, the palace has only publicly repeated its statement that Philip see you next week in the hospital should stay.

But Prince William let a little more see through. At an appointment at a vaccination center, journalists who were present also asked him how his grandfather was doing. According to a reporter for the “Dailymail”, William said:

He’s ok, they’re keeping an eye on him

Sounds like the royal family is a little more confident about Philips’ health.

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Prince Philip Hes clinic days


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