Prince Philip: Prince William talks about his health


Prince Philip has been in the hospital since last week. Now Prince William speaks up with a health update from his grandfather.

It was shock news that made the rounds last Tuesday (February 16): Prince Philip (99) had to be taken to hospital.  The  Queen’s husband (94) felt uncomfortable and had to go to the hospital for observation. But the “few days” initially foreseen under medical supervision has now turned into a whole week. ©

 The re is great concern in the UK. Now Prince William (38) speaks up and reveals how his grandfather is doing. ©

 The  reported the online edition of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Sweet surprise for Prince Philip! On the occasion of his 73rd wedding anniversary with the Queen, his great-grandchildren made something special for him.

Prince William: so is Prince Philip

After his son Prince Charles (72) visited Prince Philip in the hospital over the weekend, Philips’ grandson Prince William spoke up. During a visit to a vaccination center in King’s Lynn, the father of three was asked about his grandfather’s current health situation. He stated that Prince Philip was “okay” and that the doctors will continue to “keep an eye on him”. It remains unclear what complaints the elderly prince has.

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Prince Charles: Was that why he visited his father in the hospital?


 The  visit of Prince Charles to the King Edward Hospital came as a surprise to many, because visits there can actually “only be considered in exceptional cases”. ©

 The  reason for Charles’ visit is unknown. But the royal author Penny Junor suspects the current events around Prince Harry (36) behind it: “At the moment, important things are happening in the family, and I suppose it is quite possible that Charles wanted to go to his father and reassure him about Harry. ” Last Friday (February 19), Queen Harry and wife Meghan (39, nee Meghan Markle) withdrew their honorary titles and royal patronage.

One can only hope that the Queen’s husband will be fine soon and that he will recover quickly. Because this year there is really something to celebrate for Prince Philip: Not only is his 100th birthday coming up in June, but this year he will also be eleven times great-grandfather with the babies of Zara Phillips (39) and Duchess Meghan!

It is the final royal end for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan! You can find out more about this in the video below.

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Prince Philip Prince William talks health


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