Prince William finds Harry and Meghan’s statement disrespectful


 The  Royal earthquake in England does not stop. After Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have finalized their comments on “Megxit”, it is now Prince William who has a problem.

Will the gap between the two brothers ever narrow again? After the statement by Buckingham Palace regarding the now official “Megxits”, ie the retirement of Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan from the service of the British royal family, Harry and Meghan published their own response. And this “farewell letter” should not have pleased his brother Prince William at all. As the British newspaper “© The  Sunday Times” reports, citing insiders, William is now said to be very angry with his younger brother.

A source close to the prince claims the 38-year-old was “really sad and shocked” about Harry’s actions. According to the newspaper, his dealings with Queen Elizabeth II particularly angered him. © The  statement by the ex-royals couple that their service was universal, Prince William found “insulting and disrespectful” to the Queen.

What happened?

In early 2020, Harry and Meghan announced that they would like to resign their duties and privileges to the British Crown. © The y were given a year to think about it. It’s over now. On Friday the British royal family published a letter making the “Megxit” official.

According to the statement of the English royals: “After speaking with the Duke, the Queen has confirmed in writing that it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life in the public service when one leaves the work of the has withdrawn from the royal family. ”

© The reupon the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrote their own answer. And it was tough! “As their work last year has shown, the Duke and Duchess remain committed to serving the United Kingdom,” the letter reads. “All over the world they have offered their continued support to the organizations they represent, regardless of their official role. We can all live lives of service. Service is universal.”

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Prince William finds Harry Meghans statement disrespectful


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