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If you want, you can make many settings and switch on functions in your smartphone. But there is also an options menu that the system hides from its users. We’ll show you how to unlock it.

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Every Android smartphone hides options that many users do not know. You can find these in the so-called “developer options”. As the name suggests, these are actually intended for developers. But normal users can also discover useful functions in this menu. We’ll show you how to unlock developer mode and which options can be particularly interesting.

How to start developer mode

  1. Open the “Settings“and select the option”Telefoninfo“That should be at the bottom of the list.
  2. Choose here “Software information“.
  3. Now tap several times on “Buildnummer“A window should also appear showing you how many more typing times you have left.
  4. Now in the “Settings” the menu “Developer options“should be displayed. It should be the last entry in the list.

What can I do in developer mode?

In developer mode, users have various options.  The  scope can vary depending on the Android version:

For example, if your smartphone is too slow for you, you can adjust computationally intensive animations. To do this, scroll down to the options “Window animation factor“, “Transition animation factor“or”Animation duration factor“. Here you can switch off the animations. And with the option”Background processes limit“You can specify how many processes are allowed to run in the background. More processes in the background can use more memory. Modern devices shouldn’t normally have any problems with this.

In addition to developer options, there are also mini-games hidden in Android. How you can unlock this read here.

If you are a big fan of Dark Mode, you can use the option “Force dark mode“Activate. This means that apps also show a dark mode if they do not fully support it. What a dark mode brings, read here.

If you have WLAN problems you can set the “Mobile data usage always activatedThis means that mobile data remains switched on even when the WLAN is running. This can help if your WLAN occasionally fails and you are thus inaccessible for a short time until the smartphone changes can be claimed. © www.de24.news

 The  option “WLAN scan throttling“saves battery charge and can improve network performance. If you are bothered by the fact that the display goes to sleep while charging, you can use the option”Keep active“prevent.

Don’t click around carelessly

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 The  developer mode also offers some monitoring functions for interested users. For example, you can have a list of all “Active services“Show. With the option”GPUWatch“you can see how an app is using the graphics processor. And the option”random access memory“shows which processes have used the main memory in a given time.

Basically, there are no security threats from the developer options. However, you should not activate any functions carelessly. If you are unsure of what is causing a setting, it is best not to touch it.

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Professional mode activate hidden functions


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