profile: “WKStA leaks” proceedings discontinued | Profile editorial GmbH., 02/20/2021


StA Vienna examined allegations of alleged disclosure of files to the media

Vienna (OTS) © The  Vienna Public Prosecutor has stopped the “WKStA Leaks” investigation. “Profil” reports that in its current print edition. © The  spokeswoman for the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, Nina Bussek, confirmed the setting in response to a “profile” request without going into detail.

© The  procedure had been initiated ex officio last year after ÖVP Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had asserted in a background discussion with journalists at the end of January that the public prosecutor’s office for business and corruption was distributing file contents to the media. Kurz could not provide any evidence. He was later interrogated as a witness by the StA Vienna – as was a journalist (known by name “profile”) who stated during his interrogation in July 2020 that he had spoken to the Chancellor in autumn 2019 about leaks. However, the journalist was also unable to deliver reliable results.

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profile WKStA leaks proceedings discontinued Profile editorial GmbH


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