Prohibited corona demo moved through Innsbruck – Coronavirus –


Although several demonstrations and rallies against the corona measures were prohibited in Innsbruck on Saturday, according to the police, around 800 to 1,000 people roamed the Tyrolean capital in the afternoon, largely peacefully. Only at the very end there was a brief argument between the police and several demonstrators in front of the country house, which resulted in two arrests.

 The  demonstration under the title “Peace, Freedom, Sovereignty Government Measures” had already been banned on Wednesday on the basis of an official medical opinion by the city council of Innsbruck, since holding large mobile assemblies was epidemiologically unjustifiable, it said. Another rally that the authorities classified as an “evasive demonstration” was banned.

Nevertheless, several hundred people gathered in the city center on Saturday afternoon and finally formed two demonstrations that marched peacefully on different routes to the Wilten Basilica. © The se gatherings were found to be in order by the health authority from an epidemiological point of view, so that there was no resolution, the police said. © The  meetings were not registered, however, the “raised ringleaders” are reported according to the assembly law, it said.

A new march finally formed in front of the basilica. Around 300 people went back to Landhausplatz. Shortly before the end of the demonstration, when most of the participants had already left Landhausplatz, there was a dispute between the executive and several participants in the rally. © The  trigger was a person who had not adhered to the corona measures. A police spokesman said the man did not understand when establishing his identity, which ended in attempted resistance against state power. Two men were eventually arrested.

Since the security was no longer guaranteed according to the executive, the meeting was dissolved. In addition to the two arrests under the Code of Criminal Procedure, there were three arrests for administrative offenses, five reports of criminal matters, 49 reports of the Covid 19 Measures Act and 54 other administrative reports.

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Prohibited corona demo moved Innsbruck Coronavirus


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