Prosecutor against Stefan Lurz: Ex-national coach has to face an investigation

Prosecutor against Stefan Lurz: Ex-national coach has to face an investigation

Public prosecutor against Stefan Lurz
Ex-national coach has to face an investigation

Because of a report of sexual assault on young swimmers, Stefan Lurz resigned from his position as open water national trainer last week. Now the public prosecutor’s office in Würzburg is announcing an investigation against the 43-year-old. It’s not the first time.
 The  Würzburg public prosecutor’s office is investigating the resigned open water national trainer Stefan Lurz on charges of sexual abuse of wards. © The  proceedings were initiated ex officio after a “Spiegel” report, said Chief Public Prosecutor Thorsten Seebach. “For us these are new allegations.” He could not say anything about the possible number of those affected. It is about possible incidents in the context of Lurz’s work as a trainer.

In a “Spiegel” report last week, the 43-year-old was accused of sexual assault against young swimmers. He denied the allegations in the “Main-Post” and “Spiegel”. Nevertheless, he resigned from his post after publication. He told the “Main Post” that he wanted to “avert further damage to the image of the German Swimming Association”. ©

 The  association (DSV) had confirmed the resignation on Friday without bringing the Würzburger in connection with the allegations. “According to our guidelines, the suspect was given an immediate leave of absence in suspected cases without carrying out a preliminary conviction,” it said. ©

 The  association had initiated internal investigations.

According to DSV, the commissioner for the prevention of sexualised violence, Franka Weber, established contact with a suspected victim and offered both an offer to talk and direct help. ©

 The  DSV announced that the new information for the incumbent board was immediately handed over to the public prosecutor’s office. “Every case of sexual violence is one case too many. ©

 The  DSV reacts immediately and comprehensively to suspected cases.”


 The  public prosecutor’s office had already investigated the now 43-year-old in 2010 on suspicion of rape and sexual abuse of wards. Lurz then denied the allegations. However, the proceedings were discontinued against payment, said Seebach, who himself only spoke of Stefan L. Before that, there was a private offender-victim compensation. Another case against the trainer on leave due to insult and sexual coercion was discontinued in 2019 due to the statute of limitations.

Lurz had celebrated numerous successes with his open water swimmers in title fights. His athletes were able to win 18 medals at world championships, 23 at European championships, plus two Olympic medals.

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Prosecutor Stefan Lurz Exnational coach face investigation


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