PS5: controllers in the style of the PS1 and PS2 – dealers delight fans


White is too boring for many PS5 fans. How good that there are not only faceplates, but now also DualSense controllers in the style of the PS1 and PS2.

Wise, Virginia The  PlayStation 5 has a completely new look, namely in white. Also the DualSense-Controller comes in brand new Design therefore, but only in the colors white and black. Many SonyFans Not at all and voices were raised early on in favor of more color choices PS5 pleaded. But now one creates Dealers Remedy and lets Fan eyes light up.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: In addition to modified faceplates, there are now also individual DualSense controllers

From Sony do they exist PS5 officially only available in the standard version. So far, there are no special edition consoles, let alone DualSense-Controller in other colors. That frustrated some fans very and the first appeared promptly Dealers on, the individual faceplates and Controller offered. But went against most Sony legal action immediately and they were never seen again. A faceplate dealer was able to prevail and was already sending the first black console parts to buyers. Although black is one of the main colors that stand out Fans wish, but a little more choice and variety wouldn’t be bad either. Especially with DualSense-Controller there have been very few so far Dealerswho offered colored or other colored versions.

Who would like one DualSense-Controller in an individual look or even Retro-Design don’t have to look any longer. Because the American company LaZaModz offers colorful DualSense-Controller an. Fans Since the first hour, the heart will certainly rise here, because in addition to Fortnite, Batman and Dragon Ball controllers there are also PS5-Controller in the style of PlayStation 1 and 2.

PS5: Hand-made DualSense controllers make fan hearts beat faster

© The  Controller from LaZaModz are individually and probably also hand-painted, the shop writes: “We have been creating modified controllers since 2008. You decide how your controller should look. No two are alike! “ Next PlayStation 4 controllers there are also Xbox Series X and Xbox One Controller and of course the individual ones DualSense-Controller. ©

 The  one seems particularly popular DualSense im PS1-Design because this is currently sold out. Fans can get the desired Controller Can be customized even further and add a name, choose a special finish or a colorful one PS-Button choose. That can be Dealers pay everything extra, of course.

PS5: controllers in the style of the PS1 and PS2 – dealers delight fans

© Sony/LaZaMods (Montage)

As further extras, the manufacturing speed and a guarantee can be added. ©

 The  latter should Fans if necessary, choose, after all, some DualSense controllers have to struggle with a drift problem. Who is not Design finds for himself, can Dealers even contact directly and a Design order. ©

 The n have to Fans but also properly dig into your pocket. That’s how they cost PS5-Controller in the retro look already 158 to 164 US dollars, if you then add a special finish (from $ 10), the colorful PS button (for $ 20) and a 6-month guarantee ($ 29.99), you are quickly on board small fortune going on. In addition, there are of course the shipping costs from the USA to Germany and customs duties. Those who are worth it can find out about beautiful and handmade DualSense-Controller looking forward.

List of rubric lists: © Sony / LaZaMods (assembly)

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PS5 controllers style PS1 PS2 dealers delight fans


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