PS5: Developer suggests crazy sales strategy – For a fairer process


PS5: Developer suggests crazy sales strategy – For a fairer process

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PS5 consoles are few and far between and even harder to come by. Now a developer suggests some crazy auction tactic, but there is a problem.

Dallas, Texas – It’s milking to the mouse. If you want a PS5 * from Sony *, you have to have a good deal of luck as well as speed and patience. Because so far only very few people can proudly claim to be a next-gen Consoles to own. After all, the retailers’ stocks are very limited and on the way to PlayStation 5 there are so many enemies to beat. To make the buying process fairer, a developer now a crazy idea.

Even after over three months since the release, it’s almost impossible to get one PS5-Consoles to buy.

 The  next-gen Consoles from Microsoft *, the Xbox Series X *, or other technical innovations such as the Nvidia RTX-3000 graphics cards are also difficult to get your hands on. Because they all have the same problems: stocks are currently almost exclusively made available online, where they are sold out very quickly because Scalper they secure themselves or the rush is generally too big and the servers crash, and due to the corona pandemic, numerous manufacturers are still struggling with delivery bottlenecks and a lack of material. ©

 The  biggest problem is really that Scalper, the thousands Consoles buy within seconds.

At * you can read which sales tactics a developer is proposing for the PS5 *. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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PS5 Developer suggests crazy sales strategy fairer process


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