PS5: Indian gamers revolt against scalpers – and with success


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 The  PS5 only appeared in India at the beginning of February, but the first scalpers are already there. Fans have now taken their own measures against it.

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 The  PS5 has been available worldwide since November 2020. Well, almost worldwide. In If is the new one Consoles by Sony only released on February 2nd, 2021, as supplies are still scarce and because there was a problem with the PS5 trademark in the Asian country. Almost three weeks after Release are the problems with Scalpern also broke loose in India and Consoles are sold online at exorbitant prices. So have Fans took things into their own hands and now oppose them Scalper by.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Fans vs. Scalpers – No mercy for exorbitant prices

In If use Scalper especially the marketplace S $to their PS5 continue to sell. ©

 The  prices for the Consoles are, as in Germany and elsewhere, well above the normal retail price at conventional electronics stores. As a recommended retail price for the PS5 are set at 49,990 rupees, about 511 euros. Not surprisingly, they press Scalper this price is quite high and charge about 80,000 rupees (911 euros) for their offers. ©

 The  Indian leave that PlayStation-Fans don’t sit on yourself and have launched a tough counter-offensive.


 The  measure of the Indian Fans is actually quite simple. Once at S $ an overpriced offer on the PS5 appears, it is simply reported to the platform immediately and blocked. That goes Community rigorously and can remove any offer over a price of 50,000 rupees at lightning speed. IGN India reports on the scalper situation that the Fans in the meantime even actively discuss their approach and also on other platforms Scalper sale of the PS5 as organized as possible. Brazen offers are divided into groups so that as many reports as possible can counter them at once.


 The  measures of Fans seem to have an effect at least on the surface. In their ads are Scalper meanwhile forced a lower price for that PS5 to specify. However, they will not give in just yet. In the chat processes on the purchase inquiries, people row back very quickly and still charge an exorbitant price. IGN India quotes one Scalper from Mumbai who claims he has no choice. Any offer over 80,000 rupees would be removed so at least it would have to go down to 50,000 in the ad. But he still wants the 80,000 for them Consoles to have.

PS5: Scalpers remain big problem – fans and markets are trying many tactics


 The  Fans But don’t let that get you down and keep trying PS5 at fair prices S $ bring to. ©

 The  offensive started loud IGN India at Reddit, but have now also organized on Facebook and Discord. A different hunt for PS5 scalpers has started on Reddit than many Fans banded together around the Scalper to strike at their own arms.

PS5: Indian gamers revolt against scalpers – and with success

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Retailers, too, have recently introduced measures to address the recent sales waves Scalper with purchase of the PS5 to hold. A Japanese shop has found a solution against the console fraudsters and has introduced a system in which the buying behavior and payment method of the buyer is restricted and checked before a Consoles able to buy. Has a supposed Fan last bought several consoles or if he does not pay with his own credit card, he gets the PS5 denied.

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PS5 Indian gamers revolt scalpers success


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