PS5: New details on sales figures – Analyst counts with Sony


Actually, one should assume that the PS5 can boast terrific sales figures. Analysts have recalculated exactly and shock Sony.

  • Analysts report new Sales figures to the PS5 from Sony.
  •  The  numbers of the PS5 don’t seem as good as they could be.
  • Also: How would they be Sales figures of the PS5 failed without the corona pandemic?

Tokyo, Japan – November 2020 was the hour of birth of the new Console generation. Both the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X were released that month. And even if both Consoles on the one hand a successful launch for Sony and Microsoft contributed, the euphoria is slowly ebbing away. Because the PS5 and Xbox Series X have long been sold out. Certainly also a reason why the Sales figures of the PS5 are comparatively moderate. Because the Analysts did the math and came up with a result that Sony should shock.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Sales figures weaker than expected – analysts shock Sony

© The  PS5 is currently still sold out. But the supply of PS5 consoles seems to be back soon – a fourth wave of sales is looming. ©

 The  general situation was after the launch of the PS5 For Sony not always easy. ©

 The re were quite a few scalpers who did PS5 bought in bulk and transferred to third-party platforms like Ebay for huge sums of money. ©

 The  effects of Covid-19 made it immensely difficult to get enough Consoles to produce in advance. Bottlenecks were the order of the day. None of this was available at the console launch of the PS4, or only to a small extent.


 The  analysis company Ampere Analysis now has new Sales figures to PS5 and also Xbox Series X released. ©

 The  Xbox Series X can do it together with the Xbox Series S sold to 2.8 million Consoles since the launch in November. This leaves it just behind the Xbox One, which at this point had already been sold 2.9 million times.

Sony can this numbers Outbid again: With 4.2 million sold PS5 consoles they clearly beat the competition, but fall short of their own expectations. Compared to the times numbers the PS4 is Sony completely on par. And that despite an immediate launch in Japan, which did not happen on the PS4. Even with the hype that the PS5 had the result for Sony turn out a little sobering.

PS5: Sales weaker than expected – this is how they would have been without the trouble

As already indicated she had PS5 to struggle with some difficulties which also affect the Sales figures have had an impact. ©

 The  Analysts von Ampere have therefore made a forecast of how the PS5 would have beaten without the unfavorable variables. In the projection comes Sony actually sold on significantly more Consoles: A total of 5 million times PS5 according to the extrapolation of Analysts may have sold up to the present time.

PS5: Sales figures weaker than expected – analysts shock Sony

© Sony/Pixabay(Montage)

Still have PS5 the Analysts still has the potential to be sold just over 8 million times by the end of March. In return for Microsoft and Sony Another console maker trudges through the pandemic as a winner. Namely Nintendo – your Nintendo Switch beat the PS5 in terms of that Sales figures. And this in the year of the launch of the PS5, such as Xbox Series X – quite an impressive achievement.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony/Pixabay(Montage)

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