PS5: Ubisoft thinks about price increase – games soon to be more expensive?


Ubisoft is currently considering raising the prices of its games for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Will players soon have to dig deeper into their pockets?

  • In June last year declined Ubisoft a price increase in its games for the release of the Next-Gen-Konsolen PS5 and Xbox Series X still available.
  • Well seems Ubisoft but think about the prices for its AAA games for PS5 and Xbox Series X to increase.
  • During a conference call, the publisher was so far undecided about a possible price increase for its games.

Montreuil, France – Must be owner of PS5 and Xbox Series X in the future also for games from Ubisoft dig deeper into your pocket? During a conference call on the third quarter results, the CFO made Frédérick Duguet vague hints that the games of Ubisoft bald expensive could become. So that would Ubisoft follow many publishers who make their games for PS5 and Xbox Series X already to release the Next-Gen-Konsolen expensive have offered. Which statement Frédérick Duguet exactly what gamers do and what gamers may have to be prepared for, you can find out here.

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PS5: More expensive games for next-gen consoles – is Ubisoft planning a price increase?

Ubisoft was asked during the third quarter earnings conference call whether the company plans to raise AAA game prices to $ 70 in the next fiscal year. That would be from April 2021 to March 2022. Frédérick Duguet, CFO of Ubisoft, made the following statement: “In terms of pricing, we’ve analyzed the competitive dynamics of the last quarter and we’re still looking at new opportunities, but we haven’t made a decision yet.”

Do players now have to play games from Ubisoft dig deeper into your pocket? Other publishers, such as 2K with NBA 2K21, have already raised the prices of their games for the platforms in the past PS5 and Xbox Series X. Only Ubisoft vehemently rejected a price increase of its games for the next-gen consoles in July 2020. However, the company did not rule out a later price increase.

PS5: Games from Ubisoft – will next-gen gamers soon have to dig deeper into their pockets?

 The  prices of games have not really increased for years, but have remained relatively the same. © The  production cost for Next-Gen Games, on the other hand, have now increased by 200 to 300 percent. Yoshio Osaki, President and CEO of IDG, told that the prices of games only rose by 17 percent between 2005 and 2020. So to cover the production costs of AAA games, publishers like it Ubisoft necessary the prices of these games on the platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X to raise.

PS5: games will be more expensive soon? Ubisoft is planning a price increase

© Ubisoft/Pixabay (Montage)

Whether gamers are now facing higher prices Ubisoft Having to play games remains to be seen. At the earliest, it could be at the beginning of the next financial year in April 2021 Ubisoft put his thoughts into practice and the games expensive to offer. If the publisher decides to take this step, fans of Ubisoft Play once again need to dig deeper to find the games on theirs Xbox Series X or PS5 to enjoy. Whoever has a free game from Ubisoft want to dust off should be quick now. Ubisoft is giving away an Assassin’s Creed game for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Rubriklistenbild: © Ubisoft/Pixabay (Montage)

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PS5 Ubisoft thinks price increase games expensive


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