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Diablo 4

F: Hunters (rogues) are canonically only women. Does that mean we have two classes tied to one gender, the other being the druid?
A:  The  Sisterhood of the Blind Eye are canonically women, but all classes in Diablo IV are fully customized and not gender-specific.

F: I noticed in the Diablo IV gameplay videos that the monster is highlighted or a lighter color when you hit a monster. I feel like this is ruining immersion in the game. Will there be an option to disable this?
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 The  team likes how it works, but some feel like it doesn’t fit. It can be deactivated via the game menu.

F: In the last quarterly update of Diablo IV, you also introduced legendary affixes with damage multipliers. Don’t you think this system will escalate just as it did in Diablo III? Or do you have a strict plan not to offset builds by just increasing or decreasing damage multipliers?
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 The  team expects players to feel stronger as they progress, but assume that you won’t cause millions or billions of damage.

F: What are your biggest challenges when trying to use Diablo IV to create a darker world like the original Diablo and Diablo II? Do you receive criticism from the community?
A: One big limitation is finding the right balance. If you go too hard, the players become blunted, but when they find balance, the atmosphere is right. People have responded well to the tonality that is shown in the quarterly updates. © www.de24.news

 The  changes in pop culture have made it possible for more elements of horror to be present.

F: Are there any plans to support Druid builds in Diablo IV that focus on staying in who-form longer?
A: Yes! You can create builds where each button is a promotional or werewolf ability.

F: Diablo III felt very isolated as there was no trade between players. Will Diablo IV have trade?
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 The  developers want Diablo IV to feel social and are still considering what limitations they want, but player-to-player trading will be possible.

F: Will each class have their own class quests?
A: No, each class will have a unique mechanic, and the Slayer’s specialization is. This is unlocked through quests.

F: Transmogrification will be a thing?
A: And.

F: Fishing?
A: No.

F: Couch-Buy?
A: And.

F: Are there any city portal rolls or books?
A: And.

F: Even though we know the high heavens have closed their gates to mortals, will we see angels interfering in Sanctuary after Lilith returns?
A: “Technically” yes.

F: Have we ever been near Inarius’ prison during our Diablo adventures?
A: No.

Diablo Immortal

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 The y had the technical alpha in December. Are there any important findings?
A: I learned how people react when they use the new controls and that the game feels like a real Diablo game to them. Developers have some work to do on endgame systems and will say more about that later this year.

F: Are there any plans to continue the Diablo III Seasons in Diablo Immortal?
A: People find seasons attractive for a number of reasons. Progression reset and content updates are the two most important. For Immortal, the developers are focusing on the content updates. © www.de24.news

 The re are no plans to reset progression like in the Diablo III seasons.

F: Will the Immortal cart go through the Diablo III and maybe even Diablo IV carts?
A: No, Immortal focuses on the period between Diablo II and Diablo III. Players can explore things outside of the normal timeline with time-walking content.

F: When is Immortal coming out?
A: Cannot reveal when it will be released, but more testing phases are pending. Crusaders and Necromancers must be tested in two or three additional zones. © www.de24.news

 The  older game systems also need to be properly tested.

F: How will Immortal work for future updates once it is released? Update / expansion-wise?
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 The re are many patch / content plans that will support the game long after it is released. © www.de24.news

 The  developers want to add new items, dungeons, stories, zones, paragon trees, classes, systems, etc.

F: Will there be PvP & PvE in Immortal, competing with and against players, raids, etc.? For example, a battle arena with a ranking system (and a freely playable system) in which you can develop your skills day and night. Challenging other people would motivate everyone to keep playing this game even after the storyline is complete.
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 The re will be a lot of great content for people to do after the story is done. Both PvE and PvP.

F: Will Immortal ever consider having a PvP-like guild versus guild in the open world? This thing was the best feature that other mobile games like Black Desert Mobile etc. had.
A: And.

F: Can gestures be inserted for character animation?
A: Maybe? I am not sure what is meant.

F: Does Immortal support 120 Hz devices?
A: Not at the start, maybe later.

F: Will the release include Crusaders and Necromancers?
A: And.

F: How many players can the largest raid have?
A: Uhhh … yes! Big groups

Diablo 2 Resurrected

F: Will there be high definition textured / animated cinematics at the end of every act and every important moment like in Diablo III? © www.de24.news

 The  film sequences of Tyrael versus Imperius are the best I’ve seen.
A: Resurrected re-creates all film recordings shot by shot.

F: I see there is cross-progression in Diablo II, but there doesn’t seem to be cross-play?
A: Cross-progression is supported. Crossplay is not currently supported. Thanks to the global leaderboard, you can compete with players on other platforms.

F: Is there controller support for D2R on the PC?
A: And!

F: Gibt’s local Buy in D2R?
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 The re will be no couch co-op like the console D3. Local playback on Switch is supported. Local 8 player co-op will be available.

F: Bots and cheats: will there be more protection against them in Diablo II Resurrected?
A: © www.de24.news

 The  move to modern day Battle.net means there are far more tools out there to combat these problems.

F: Will there still be a player collision with other players in Resurrected? For example, the wormgrip in Act 2 was always difficult to pass.
A: Collision will still be there!

F: Which patch is the remaster based on? Skill synergies and elemental immunity of the monsters in the later patches severely limit the build variety and the fun factor.
A: Patch 1.14 is used, this is the current live patch. © www.de24.news

 The  developers wanted to focus on delivering the authentic experience.

F: Will the classic Diablo II be updated for better screen resolution? Like 720p or even 1080p since the standard definition is not playable for me in full screen mode.
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 The  remaster runs with modern resolutions and frame rates (Note: © www.de24.news

 The  question about the classic Diablo II was not answered).

F: Can you explain the old frame rate and breakpoint system in Diablo II and how it can work with unlimited frame rate?
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 The  original game ran on frames. © www.de24.news

 The  remake is still running on this system, but the graphics / animation will work smoothly. However, the moments when the game is checking what is happening are still in exactly the same place.

F: Is trading still working the same way?
A: Yes, but there are more “Quality of Life” additions. You can, for example, link items in the chat.

F: Are you going to bring new rune words into the game?
A: No.

F: Will Diablo II Resurrected overwrite an original Diablo II installation?
A: No, they are separate products.

F: Can I revive old Diablo II characters in Resurrected?
A: At the moment they are separated.


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