Queen Elizabeth II: Royal relative molested a woman – now he has to go to jail!


Queen Elizabeth II shouldn’t like that at all: A relative of hers was sentenced to ten months in prison for sexual assault.

Simon Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and a second nephew of Queen Elizabeth II, has been jailed for ten months for sexual assault.  The  34-year-old pleaded guilty to the Dundee Sheriff Court.

Queen relative harassed woman at night

Simon Bowes-Lyon broke into the bedroom of a sleeping woman at his Glamis Castle estate in February 2020 and harassed her. According to “Sun”, among other things, he tore up her nightgown, groped her and insulted her as “mean” and “evil” after she resisted.

Simon Bowes-Lyon regrets what he did

In a post-conviction statement, Simon Bowes-Lyon apologized for what he did, stating that he drank too much that night, but that this should not be an excuse for his action.

Simon Bowes-Lyon’s father Michael Bowes-Lyon is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin. II.

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Expert on resignation:

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Queen Elizabeth Royal relative molested woman jail


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