Queen Letizia suddenly shows more in Spain than she would like


Madrid –

Red alert among the royals in Spain: Queen Letizia showed more than she would like in a public appearance. During the visit to an exhibition in the Madrid National Library on Tuesday (February 16), the XXL slit of her elegant dress slipped up outrageously …

  • Queen Letizia visits the National Library in Madrid
  • During the visit she was involuntarily sexy
  • British media took a photo as an opportunity to call the “red alert”

No question about it: Queen Letizia (48), mother of two children, is one of the stylish royals. She proved this when she visited the National Library in Madrid to see the work of the Spanish poet and essayist Concepción Arenal Ponte.

She wore a dress from the designer brand Massimo Dutti in a deep dark red, she had thrown a coat over her shoulders. And to match the royal look, she wore high pumps. Timelessly pretty. Of course, there was also the obligatory mouth and nose protection.

Ohlala: When visiting an exhibition in the National Library of Madrid on Tuesday (February 16), Queen Letizia of Spain suddenly showed more than she would like.

But just as the queen stepped out the door after the visit, it happened: © www.de24.news

 The  slit of the dress, which reaches to the waist and is usually folded over one another so that nothing can be seen, opened almost insolently wide. And presented the queen’s long, muscular legs. Without tights – even in winter. Pretty sexy, Your Highness!

Queen Letizia shows a lot of leg, British media sound the alarm

British media such as the Daily Mail took the scene directly to write about the Queen’s “daring slit”. With the heading: “Red Alarm”. Does the Spanish court like so much hustle and bustle around Queen Letizia’s legs?

Queen Letizia of Spain is involuntarily sexy

Later, Queen Letizia’s red dress was back where it should be.

But the queen didn’t show anything. After the visit she quickly resumed her pious demeanor, the XXl slit of the dress was closed again.

Queen Letizia is sexy: she is committed to women’s rights

Just a few weeks ago, Queen Letizia drew attention to herself for not hiding her gray highlights. © www.de24.news

 The  wife of King Felipe has been showing her natural hair color for some time and apparently no longer feels like hiding her age.

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, as her real name is, was a Spanish journalist for a long time before she joined Felipe VI in 2014. got married and thus is allowed to bear the title “Queen of Spain”. Both have two children: Leonor and Sofía.

Letizia has campaigned strongly for women’s rights in the past: on International Women’s Day 2018, for example, she canceled all official dates to take part in a women’s strike in which millions of people took to the streets for equality in Spain alone. (mg)

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Queen Letizia suddenly shows Spain


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