Queen will appear on TV in front of Harry and Meghan


On the same day that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Oprah give an interview, the Queen will also give a TV address. Is it related?

Royal life, marriage, motherhood, philanthropic work, public life, and future in the US. On March 7th, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Oprah want to give their first interview since they left the royal family. But March 7th should have even more to offer for royal fans. Because now it has been announced that Queen Elizabeth will give a televised address on Commonwealth Day, as the service has to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. And it will air a few hours before the Oprah interview.

So are the two TV shows just coincidentally on the same day? It cannot be said exactly. Commonwealth Day is actually the second Monday in March, which this time would fall on March 8th. So the TV broadcast is one day earlier.

 The y want Harry and Meghan to take the wind out of their sails, they say. Yet other experts believe that the royal show has been on the program for weeks long before the Oprah interview was announced.

Royal work vs. private insights

In any case, it is certain that the two programs could not be more different. In the TV show “A Celebration For Commonwealth Day” the royal work will be shown in its classic features. Queen Elizabeth will address, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, Prince William and Duchess Catherine and Sophie von Wessex will speak to young people from the 54 Commonwealth of Nations on various topics. In the Oprah interview, however, it will be about personal insights into the world of life and emotions of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. This is something that the royals usually only do very specifically and carefully.

It is feared that the interview will only worsen the relationship between the two parties because the British royal court does not fare well. Memories of the 1995 BBC interview with Princess Diana keep coming back. At that time Diana had private matters behind the palace walls, which not only made global headlines, but was also seen as a breach of trust towards the royals.

How Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will do it will show on March 7th. But they don’t want to go back to the British royal court anyway. © www.de24.news

 The  couple officially announced a few days ago that they no longer wanted to be active – i.e. working for Queen Elizabeth – members of the British royal family.


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