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In 2020, the fund volume of Raiffeisen KAG broke the 40 billion euro mark for the first time since 2007. In the previous year this value was 40.1 billion euros, which corresponds to an increase of 4.7 percent compared to 2019. “That was unexpected in the first months of 2020,” said Raiffeisen KAG CEO Rainer Schnabl. In the past five years there has been an increase of 9.8 billion euros or 32 percent.

Raiffeisen KAG currently has a market share of 19.5 percent in Austria. Of the total fund volume of 40.1 billion euros, 32.7 billion euros come from Austria, 5.0 billion euros from Italy, 1.3 billion euros from Germany and 1.1 billion euros from CEE, i.e. Central and Eastern Europe.

Plus 42.4 percent in sustainable investments

 The  topic of sustainable investments is growing above average at Raiffeisen KAG. In 2020, 9.4 billion euros had already been sustainably invested – an increase of 42.4 percent. © www.de24.news

 The  Raiffeisen Sustainability Mix alone comprises around three billion euros in fund volume. According to the information provided by Raiffeisen KAG, it is Austria’s largest public fund.

Fund saving is also enjoying growing popularity. Raiffeisen KAG currently has around 384,500 fund savings contracts. In 2020, an average of 54.8 million euros was paid in per month – an increase of 37 percent. And here, too, there is a great focus on sustainability: More than a quarter of all fund savings contracts are sustainable.

Future projects

As far as the topic of sustainable investment is concerned, the Raiffeisen KAG managing director Dieter Aigner knows that the company started with equity products; then expanded to include multi-asset products and bonds. In the middle of the year there will be “another milestone” in connection with government bonds – but more will not be revealed yet.

For the future there is also great potential in CEE, says the responsible Raiffeisen KAG managing director Michal Kustra. He is certain that 2020 will have brought a turning point in the sustainable capital investment of Raiffeisen KAG in Central and Eastern European countries. In the previous year, there was a big leap in sustainable volumes – albeit at a low level: from 92 to 235 million euros – an increase of 155 percent.

One in five wants to invest more sustainably

A study by the market research institute Spectra on behalf of Raiffeisen KAG also showed that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. A good 2,200 people between the ages of 18 and 69 were surveyed online in January. © www.de24.news

 The  results: Around one in five people would like to invest more money in sustainable investments when asked in which areas they would like to become more sustainable. And: 41 percent would most likely invest in a sustainable fund that is independently certified.

Like Raiffeisen Immobilien Kapitalanlage GmbH and Raiffeisen Salzburg Invest GmbH, Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft mbH (KAG) belongs to the umbrella brand Raiffeisen Capital Management, which is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI).

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