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Rainbow Six Siege starts its very special 6th anniversary year with Crimson Heist.  The  focus is on the new operator Flores and some changes.

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 The  Argentine Flores is the latest figurehead for the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. In addition to his distinctive, red glasses, he brings a lot of noise to the Siege matches. Because the “Robin Hood” of the Rainbow Universe does not act very silently, but brings a remote-controlled, exploding drone with it, which can cause quite a bit of damage.

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 The  new attacker fits in very well with the description “easy to learn, hard to master”, because even newbies should have some joy with the explosive charge. Flores also has an AR33 or an SR-25 in his luggage. As gadgets, the master thief brings a selection of stun grenades or claymore into battle.

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 The  drones offer a good opportunity to lead opponents on the wrong track or to cause brief moments of panic when the defenders realize that there is no normal drone heading towards them.

And important: In the preparation phase, Flores (currently) is still using conventional drones.

Border is tidied up

While Flores is causing fresh chaos with its explosions, the developers were busy cleaning up and updating the “Border” map. As already introduced last year, Crimson Heist does not bring a new map, but focuses on improving existing maps. In general, there will be no new cards in the 6th year of Rainbow Six Siege. You can count on extensive reworks for this.

Above all, the map has become lighter and “declustered”. It is also important that the loudspeaker and helicopter noises, which were previously very present, become quieter as soon as the action starts.

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 The  border rework brings some Quality of Life changes that players will be very pleased with. With the changeover, a few new tactics will also be possible, which will probably establish themselves in the next few months.


A new secondary weapon called the “Gonne-6” will also have a major impact on the matches. Some attackers can equip themselves with this good piece to pull annoying, bulletproof gadgets out of circulation.

So that this new tool doesn’t get too powerful, she only has one shot per match. This needs to be well placed, otherwise the weapon is pretty useless.

Match replay is here!

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 The  Match Replay Tool finds its way into the game, initially as a beta. With the tool it will be possible to watch entire matches again, from different angles and perspectives. In addition, you can quickly rewind and forward to take a closer look at individual actions.

Further innovations are a revision of the Newcomer Playlist, which contains five iconic maps, as well as a seasonal, rotating map. In this playlist, each map will only have two bomb sites, which will not change during the rounds. This allows new players to familiarize themselves with the most commonly played tactics.

One small but neat detail introduced with Crimson Heist is a visual effect on gadgets that have been disabled by Mute. Blue lightning bolts now indicate that they have been made unusable by the defender.

Starting shot for the 6th year

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 The se changes are just a fraction of what we can expect from Rainbow Six Siege in the coming year.

With the anniversary year, Ubisoft wants to seize the opportunity to bring many innovations into the game. © www.de24.news

 The  developers also want to try out a few balancing options, above all to combat the currently existing “20 seconds meta”, as all the action in a match actually takes place in the last 20 seconds.

How do you like Crimson Heist? And what are you looking forward to in the coming Rainbow year?

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