Reached 500,000+ concurrent players on Steam


In the Viking survival game Valheim, the records tumble again: After the official report of three million sales in less than three weeks, is reporting this time about a milestone in the Early Access title from Iron Gate and Coffee Stain Publishing: 502,387 players simultaneous players peaked on Steam yesterday, according to the Steam Charts.
 The  mark of 500,000 players at the same time has only been exceeded by four other titles, namely PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (with a lush 3.2 million), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Thus, one has in this area Terraria, Fallout 4 and Among Us were beaten (with Among Us also being very popular on mobile systems; with a record of 1.5 million simultaneous players on different platforms).


 The  renewed interest in Rust (for the test) has meanwhile also faded compared to Valheim, since at record times in January it “only” reached half of the Valheim numbers (244,394 simultaneous players).

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Reached concurrent players Steam


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