Reactions to the opening of the lockdown – SVP-Aeschi angry, SP and GLP support the Federal Council


 The  shops as well as sports and leisure facilities are to open again. “© The  Federal Council is on the right track,” says SP Co-President Cédric Wermuth. © The  SVP sees it very differently.

“It is still unsatisfactory that the economic aid does not reach those affected”: SP leaders Mattea Meyer and Cedric Wermuth comment on the Federal Council’s opening proposals.

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© The  SP welcomes the Federal Council’s prospect of easing the coronavirus protective measures in view of the epidemiological situation. However, the complete opening up demanded by the bourgeois parties would be irresponsible and would undo the progress made in recent weeks. announced the SP on Wednesday

For the SP, it is unsatisfactory that the economic aid does not reach those affected. © The  SP calls for a clear exit strategy to avoid the mistakes made before the second wave and the corresponding yo-yo effects

“If openings are made, protection concepts must be implemented and monitored more intensely at the same time,” said SP Co-President Cédric Wermuth. © The  State Secretariat for Economic Affairs Seco and the bourgeois Federal Councilors would have an obligation here. At the same time, protection must have top priority in the world of work. Only in this way could further scientifically supported easing steps follow.

When it comes to economic aid, the SP believes that the Federal Council must step up. © The  stingy and often belated payment of compensation for the closure of important economic sectors contributed to the current displeasure and nervousness of large groups. “© The  federal government must raise the short-time work allowances for low incomes and cover the full wage costs for the second pillar and the holidays,” said Wermuth.

Aeschi: “Correct harassment of the innkeepers”

SVP National Councilor Thomas Aeschi is not at all happy. © The  fact that the pickles are not yet allowed to open is “a real harassment of the innkeepers,” he tweeted.

Aeschi’s party hits the same line: “© The  fact that the arbitrary and harmful Corona policy should be continued is unacceptable,” writes the SVP on Twitter.

Green for safe opening

“We should not open as quickly as possible, but as safely as possible,” said Balthasar Glättli, President of the Swiss Green Party, with a view to the relaxation of the corona measures announced by the Federal Council on Wednesday. A yo-yo effect must be avoided.

Glättli criticized that almost a year after the outbreak of the pandemic, it was still not known where people were infected. A usable data situation and sufficient capacities in contact tracing are mandatory prerequisites for a sensible corona strategy and thus further opening steps at the beginning of March, he wrote in a message.

© The  Green Party welcomes the fact that the Federal Council is now increasing the funds for hardship support. In order for the hardship support to reach the companies in good time, the bureaucratic hurdles would now have to be removed quickly.

For the Green Liberal Party Switzerland (GLP) a gradual relaxation, closely coordinated with science, is the right way, as GLP President Jürg Grossen wrote on Twitter. Too quick easing, a third wave and renewed tightening would be the worst case (the worst case) in health and economic terms.

Jürg Grossen: “© The  right way”

© The  green liberals also welcome the Federal Council’s thrust. “Gradual easing, closely coordinated with science, is the right way,” tweeted President Jürg Grossen.

FDP-Wasserfallen wants more

FDP National Councilor Christian Wasserfallen is only halfway satisfied: “After all, there is a silver lining, lockdown is to be ended,” said the Bernese. © The  Federal Council must make improvements next week.

Gastrosuisse is disappointed with the gradual easing

Gastrosuisse is disappointed with the gradual easing of the corona protective measures planned by the Federal Council. © The re is no reason why restaurants have to be closed until at least April 1st, the Association for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry announced on Wednesday.

© The  crisis should therefore continue to be carried out under the control of the hospitality industry,” criticized Casimir Platzer, President of Gastrosuisse.

So far there is no evidence that the restaurants are a source of infection. On the contrary: the protection concepts of gastronomy worked. © The  gastronomy is only used as a means to an end, to restrict contacts. It is paradoxical that contacts in closed restaurants then simply take place in the private sector without protective concepts.

Mitte sees loosening of the Federal Council as a basis for discussion

© The  middle regards the opening strategy of the Federal Council as a first basis for discussion. Now it is up to the cantons to assess the planned steps and to present a united stance.

© The  center also welcomed the fact that the Federal Council was preparing a new edition of the Covid loans. It is also imperative that improvements in the support measures for all affected industries can be achieved quickly.

“So that the population continues to support the measures, the Federal Council must adopt a coherent, easily comprehensible opening strategy, including the test and vaccination strategy,” said Die Mitte President Gerhard Pfister.

Trade association accuses the Federal Council of hesitant attitude

© The  Swiss Trade Association (SGV) accuses the Federal Council of a hesitant and discouraged attitude. Despite falling numbers and an unproven risk of infection, disproportionate measures would be maintained, criticized the trade umbrella organization in a statement on Wednesday.

© The  trade association reiterates its call for immediate easing and, as of March 1, for a complete opening in the logic of targeted protection. © The  hot opening flanked by the expansion of tests, intensification of the vaccination campaign and contact tracing as well as the consistent application of the protection concepts.

© The  hardship aid must be implemented immediately and gaps and errors corrected so as not to widen the already immense damage. © The  increase in hardship cases to ten billion francs is to be welcomed. But that does not solve the problems of numerous companies. Many are still waiting for implementation. © The  hardship regulation for the companies concerned also has gaps and injustices.

For companies closed due to official orders, the SGV requires the simple implementation of the motto “partially closed = closed = sales compensation”. Economic freedom has been withdrawn from these companies and they have to be compensated for the lost sales.

© The  planned opening of the shops is welcomed, especially in view of the figures from the Federal Office of Public Health, which show that there is practically no risk of infection. However, the same figures also allowed the opening of gastronomic offers. © The  SGV calls on the Federal Council to allow the catering industry to resume its activities.

Epidemiologist Christian Althaus praises the Federal Council: “Reason seems to finally be taking hold. A careful, gradual opening. In this way, Switzerland can finally exploit its enormous potential to deal with this pandemic. “

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Reactions opening lockdown SVPAeschi angry GLP support Federal Council


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