Real: That will change for customers in the branches


First of all, the branches will be renamed.  The  name Real is largely disappearing from Germany. In the end, the Düsseldorfer Real GmbH will operate a maximum of 50 branches independently throughout Germany.


 The  assortment also changes as a result of the takeovers. Classic Real branches direct customers from non-food products to food. ©

 The  ailing self-service provider has fashion basics such as underwear, sweaters or socks at the entrance. This is followed by household goods and media items such as CDs or magazines. Luxury goods such as chocolate, coffee or tea then lead customers to the freezer counter. Kaufland has completely different customer channels, prescribing non-food in the middle of the shop. Non-food is rather unusual among Edeka chain stores. At the entrance, the focus is on fruit and vegetables.

In order to avoid a loss of sales, customers experience the conversions up close. Kaufland and Edeka do not close larger stores if they are not absolutely necessary. Rather, partition walls ensure that renovations can be carried out behind barriers. Customers will be informed about the modifications. At Kaufland, for example, they say cheekily: “©

 The  branch is not yet perfect – the prices are”.

This flexible change cannot be used everywhere. According to industry experts, many Real stores are showing their age and have to be extensively renovated.

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Real change customers branches


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