Real tour through the new Volkstheater


And it is worth seeing and hearing what has been offered to visitors there since Saturday. In “Black Box” a solo tour through the house with headphones starts at five-minute intervals.

 The  90-minute audio walk, the concept of which was originally invented by Stefan Kaegi and the Rimini Protokoll group for the © The ater Vidy in Lausanne, which was demolished shortly afterwards, is an adventure that requires a lot of concentration. In the new cloakroom, the visitor puts on white thread gloves, and although you only occasionally see other visitors moving through the house like acoustic scouts, the FFP2 mask is mandatory.

If in doubt, call the emergency services

Instructions can come at any time, which must be followed. Since “Black Box” imitates the principle of a single long live recording, commands such as “Still image”, “Close-Up”, “Tracking movement”, “Pan” or “Action” can be heard. If you don’t push open the right door, turn to the right side and move in the right direction in the stairwells, you could get lost. For safety, the headphones have an emergency telephone number. © The  instruction staff at the start assures that no one has ever called.

© The  visitors can sit down at the former cash desk, they are led into the cellar as well as into the tiny prompter box and the listed “leaders room”. Every nook and cranny behind and in front of the stage such as tailoring, masks and props is explored. Via the VIP lounge and the mayor’s box you go to the Rote Bar. A tour through the magic of real theater.

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Real tour Volkstheater


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