Reason to worry? Prince Charles with Prince Philip in the hospital


Prince Philip has been in the hospital since Tuesday. Just a precaution, said the palace. But now the 99-year-old got a visit from Prince Charles. Is the Duke’s state of health more serious?

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Prince Philip, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was admitted to a private London clinic for observation on Tuesday evening – a purely precautionary measure, according to the palace.  The  stay should not be related to Corona. ©

 The  Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen both received their first corona vaccination in January.


 The  Duke of Edinburgh is in good spirits, but will probably stay in the hospital until next week, it said recently. ©

 The  Queen and other members of the royal family continued to attend official appointments. Observers had initially seen this as a reassuring sign of the Prince Consort’s state of health.

Visit from Prince Charles

But now Prince Philip got a visit from his son. Prince Charles stayed in London’s King Edward VII Clinic for around half an hour in the afternoon, as reported by British media. ©

 The  visit of the 72-year-old worries. Because actually a spokesman had previously said that visitors are only allowed under “exceptional circumstances”.

Prince Charles: The 72-year-old visited his father in the hospital.  (Source: dpa / Kirsty O'connor)Prince Charles: ©

 The  72-year-old visited his father in the hospital. (Source: Kirsty O’connor / dpa)

Due to the corona pandemic and the strict lockdown in Great Britain, visits to the hospital are only possible under exceptional circumstances. Is the Duke’s state of health more serious than the palace has revealed so far?

Prince Harry is also said to have gone into self-isolation so that he can travel to London if his grandfather is serious. One thing is certain: Prince Philip will stay in the clinic for a few more days.

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