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Just five days after her sex reassignment surgery on February 17th, Jessica Alves, 37, gave her first interview. In it, she also reveals that she used to avoid relationships with gay men (while still in her male body). She now hopes to lose her “virginity” to someone “special”, according to the reality star who became famous as British Ken.

After a six-hour penis-peritoneal vaginoplasty, Alves spoke openly for the first time in the “Daily Mail Online” about the “lonely” struggle with her identity.

This is what Jessica Alves used to look like, then her name was Rodrigo AlvesFoto: Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“When I announced my trip to Thailand and the assimilation to women that it would bring in 2019, many people thought it was a joke. Lots of people didn’t take me seriously, ”she says. “People just thought I was a plastic surgery addict when I was just trying to find myself and find out who I really am!”

“My brain was always female”

She reveals about her love life: “I’ve never had a relationship with a gay man because my brain has always been female. I remember growing up wearing my mother’s clothes and dancing around the house and then I was happy. “

After the successful operation, she is happy: “I still have to heal completely, but I already have a vagina and it’s perfect.”

Dr. Kamol Pansritum (61) from the Thai Kamol Cosmetic Hospital has an extensive catalog of his work and is an expert in his field with more than 2000 gender reassignment operations annually.

Alves proud: “I am 37 years old and have chosen a vagina that looks young – like that of an 18-year-old. My vagina will function just like a biological vagina and in three months I will be able to lose my virginity and have intercourse. ”

Of the prospect of it, she says, “©

 The  problem is, I haven’t got anyone on my radar yet. I want this day to be magical and special. So if I have to wait longer, I’ll do it – until the right man comes for me. “
Alves received support from her family during this time. She is recovering well from the almost 16,000 euro intervention and feels “under the circumstances,” said the 37-year-old.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends”

But not everyone accepted her decision to finally become the person she always was inside: “I’ve lost most of the people in my life who I assumed were my friends. Somehow they couldn’t cope with my changes, ”she regrets.

And further: “2020 was a very lonely year with all the Covid restrictions – but at least I was able to do my feminization operations and my hormone therapy as a private patient. She did not want to rely on the public health system in Great Britain “as the waiting list for the first examination here is three years”.

During the transition period, however, she hardly made any money with public appearances: “In the past eight years I have worked as a TV personality in many countries and have done more than 400 TV shows in 23 countries. I knew that once I came out as a trans woman, I would lose a lot of work. I’ve lost television deals in Russia, Romania, the US and Spain, including brand and product promotion. “

“Still a long way to go for society”

And further: “In the UK we have laws to protect transsexuals. But being a trans person in the UK is still something unusual and most people don’t know how to deal with a trans person or how to address them with the correct pronouns.

Alves was very activist in an interview: “In Great Britain we have to integrate trans people as part of society, they have to get job opportunities and we need more trans people on TV and in films. It will still be a long way to go to teach society that we are all equal. ”

First party in a suit, then with a wig and high heels on the sofa

Alves reveals even more about her life before the operations on women: “Back then, I wore beautiful suits to parties or events or even to TV shows, even though I always wanted to wear clothes. As soon as I was back home or at the hotel, I undressed, put on make-up, put on my wig and high heels, and sat on my sofa to watch a movie by myself.

“When I lived as a man, I was really unhappy. I tried to make myself happy with expensive travel and clothing and more and more cosmetic surgeries until I secretly became a crossdresser four years ago. ”
In an interview, the 37-year-old also reports that she “has never met a trans woman in my life”: “I never had someone to look up to. I just always followed my heart. “

In the hospital of Dr. Alves went to Pansritum “because it is one of the best in the world for transgender people”.


 The  doctor used Alves’ abdominal wall (peritoneal) to create her vagina. Modern technology is also used in women who are born without a vaginal canal.


 The  peritoneal tissue used is very similar to a vagina in that it is elastic and self-lubricating. This modern technique, unlike the other options of penile inversion or using the colon, does not require lifelong stretching, ”she explains. Her outer labia and visible vagina were made from the existing penile tissue.

Self-criticism about previous cosmetic surgery

Alves now regrets having spent more than 690,000 euros on cosmetic surgery “to be the man I thought I had to be”.

Praise for the surgeon, no scars and a happy Alves: “I still feel very sleepy after my operation, but I am happy that I am finally a woman. I feel great when I look at myself in the mirror. My life is getting so much better now than I already feel.

She can be released from the hospital in just under six weeks. Even now, she can hardly wait to finally go shopping. “©

 The re are so many outfits that I couldn’t wear before. But now I can finally be myself. ”

At the end of her operations, however, she is not quite yet: “I need two or three more operations to finally complete my transition, and I swear to God, I’ll be through with plastic surgery.”


 The re is only a limited framework that your body can take. But I had to do it to become who I am today. What I am doing today is right for me. I live very healthy and do not drink alcohol. I sleep well and I eat well. Three more operations to complete my transition to becoming a woman – then I’m really done. “

Her next goal: to become a mother: “I want a big family. I feel that I was born for it, “she said last year in the British newspaper” ©

 The  Sun “.


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