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New EU sanctions against Russia: Because of the detention of the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, the European Union is planning new sanctions against Russia. Specifically, four Russian officials are to be sanctioned for the action against Navalny.  The  official decision on the measures should take place within a week. How the “operation” is supposed to work has become a thing of the past Oliver Grimm viewed. More on this. [premium]

“Disproportionate” German entry rules: Germany is coming under further pressure because of the tightened measures against the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Tyrol. Several requirements are disproportionate or unfounded, according to a complaint letter from the EU Commission: “We believe that Germany’s understandable goal – the protection of public health in a pandemic – could be achieved through less restrictive measures.”

More than 500,000 corona deaths in the USA: In the United States of America, more than half a million people have now been pronounced dead in connection with an infection with the coronavirus. At the same time, more than 28 million infections have now been confirmed. In both cases, the US is well ahead of any other country in the world. More on this.

Tens of thousands protest in Burma: Despite the threat of violence by the security forces, tens of thousands again demonstrated against the military junta in Burma. It is said to have been the largest protests since the military coup in February. ©

 The  generals have probably misjudged the courage of the citizens, writes Christoph Zotter – and gives three reasons why her threatening gestures have not worked so far. More on this. [premium]

Freedom of information with exceptions: ©

 The  legislative package to abolish official secrecy has been examined. According to this, information should in future be available to everyone free of charge from public bodies and companies with relevant public participation. However, a number of exceptions are also planned, for example for reasons of national security or in connection with economic damage. More on this. [premium]

Viennese start-up creates super coup: Conchita Wurst’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest inspired David Fankhauser and Benjamin Groessing to launch the Wurstify project. ©

 The  application gave pictures the legendary beard of the singer. In 2019, the two software engineers founded the company Kaleido – which is now going to Australian investors for a record amount – and represents the largest takeover since Runtastic. More on this. [premium]

Please do not laugh: Vienna’s red and pink city government has launched a whistleblower platform. Reports of suspected corruption, irregularities, use of tax money or incompatibilities can be filed there. Everything is anonymous, they say. But ask Dietmar NeuwirthHas everything been thought of? ©

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