Red Bull RB16B for Formula 1 season 2021

Red Bull RB16B for Formula 1 season 2021

Red Bull presented its RB16B 17 days before the start of the test drives. With a revised car and a new pair of drivers, the Milton Keynes racing team wants to fight for both world championships.  The  new car only shows many minor changes in detail.

This time everything should be different. This time, Red Bull doesn’t want to chase after, as has been the case in recent years, and only want to catch up with Mercedes at the end of the season. In 2021, the order for the engineers around star designer Adrian Newey is to meet the big rival at eye level from the first race and to drive for the world title until the final. ©

 The  new car, the RB16B, should become an all-rounder and be competitive on all racetracks.

Red Bull has been waiting for the fifth world title in team history since 2013. Since then, Mercedes has dominated Formula 1. ©

 The refore, the role of the favorite was quickly determined. Red Bull deliberately pushes them towards the opponent. And yet there is great pressure internally. Because you have to give Max Verstappen a fast car. ©

 The  23-year-old is tied to the team until 2023 inclusive. But apparently his loyalty is tied to certain performance clauses.

Red Bull RB16B - Studio - F1  - 2021

Red Bull


 The  side box of the new RB16B has a slightly different shape on the computer rendering – a touch more radical than the RB16.

© The  B version of the RB16

Because of the homologation guidelines, the new car is based on the genes of the old one. A high percentage of parts were reused. Like the competition, the chassis is a takeover from last year. Hence the name RB16B, which looks just like a B version. ©

 The  thin nose. ©

 The  tip divided into several wells. ©

 The  oversized hood wing under the nose. ©

 The  ears on the top of the chassis. ©

 The  two-story boomerang and the jagged bargeboards. ©

 The  rear wing with the end plates based on the Haas model. ©

 The se are all familiar elements from the RB16.


 The  details make the difference. Changed front brake ventilation can be seen on the computer renderings. In addition to the side box, the engineers now fan out five instead of four air deflectors one behind the other. ©

 The y consciously create air vortices that influence the flow in the rear of the car.


 The  side box seems to drop off a bit earlier, even if it’s always difficult to judge from the computer graphics. It also looks less baggy. Pay attention to the red label “Red Bull” and there especially to the letters “d” and “B” as well as the upper red stripe: ©

 The  changed lines reveal that the engineers may have tidied up the side box. You could also say: you seem to have become a bit more radical.


 The y also lend a hand in the middle part of the engine cover. ©

 The  transition from the bull logo to the Honda inscription appears more contoured. This creates an almost horizontal surface. ©

 The  engine partner is entering its final season. Honda has once again bundled all resources to withdraw from the premier class with a big hit. ©

 The  task is a big one: Red Bull put the loss on the engine side compared to Mercedes at around three tenths of a second per lap. In addition, the Honda V6 turbo went into recuperation mode earlier in the last part of the straight. With so-called “clipping”, the drive loses the additional electric boost.

Red Bull RB16B - Studio - F1  - 2021

Red Bull

A central pillar supports the rear wing.

Who do new rules harm more?

Back to aerodynamics. Red Bull supports the rear wing on a central stilt. In 2020, they switched to this solution in the last two races of the season. It could very well be that Red Bull will do like Mercedes in the new season. One or two stilts alternated depending on the type of route.


 The  changed rules are the big unknown. Like the other teams, the regulations force Red Bull to make modifications to the underbody, the rear brake ventilation and the diffuser. Red Bull used the season finale to carry out initial trials with an underbody that was converted to 2021. ©

 The  findings were incorporated into the development of the new car.


 The  side slots in the bottom are no longer available. ©

 The  aerodynamicists position two guide plates in front of the rear wheels. ©

 The  underbody tapers sharply from front to back, as required by the regulations. In front of the rear wheels, it is ten centimeters narrower. ©

 The  winglets of the rear brake ventilation lose four centimeters in the lower half. ©

 The  diffuser bars are cut by five centimeters.

This leads to a loss of downforce, which the engineers wanted to make up for over the winter. ©

 The  big question is who the changed specifications hit harder. Red Bull with a shorter wheelbase and higher position in the rear. Or Mercedes, where the engineers rely on a long wheelbase and moderate employment. ©

 The n there is the question of who likes the new Pirelli tires better.

Perez neben Verstappen


 The  arch rivals followed a different development philosophy. While Mercedes stopped the upgrades early in 2020, Red Bull showed up with new parts even at the last races. According to the motto: What we will learn in 2020 will also help us for 2021, because many components have to be adopted. For Red Bull it was also crucial to see whether the results from the wind tunnel could actually be implemented on the racetrack. That led the engineers to black ice in the first half of 2020.


 The  computer renderings suggest that Red Bull has not yet put all the cards on the table. ©

 The re will probably be one or two updates to the car before the test drives and no later than the start of the season in a month. Red Bull has high hopes for its new driver line-up. Max Verstappen gets veteran Sergio Perez at his side.


 The  Mexican should ensure that Red Bull is no longer just a one-man team. With its experience, the racing team from Milton Keynes also wants to reach for the constructors’ trophy. But the problems with aerodynamics must not be repeated. Because otherwise the title train would leave early again. And because too complex corrections would rob the 2022 car too much wind tunnel and CFD time.

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Red Bull RB16B Formula season


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