Red Bull RB16B presented by Verstappen & Perez

Red Bull RB16B presented by Verstappen & Perez

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What if Red Bull falls behind in 2022?

Although there are no compensation options in the regulations, there seems to be some kind of agreement between the teams and manufacturers should a team fall significantly due to the engine freeze in 2022.  The n the manufacturer concerned can contact the FIA.

“As we know, there is an enormous amount of accommodation in Formula 1,” joked Horner when asked. “So it’s not as ideal as a regulation, but I think that gives the FIA ​​the assertiveness it needs to get all parties to the table.” © The n it could be discussed whether a manufacturer is allowed to catch up after all.

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Mercedes engine guru is not an issue for Red Bull

“I think we have taken control of our own fate,” commented team boss Horner on the Honda takeover. Junior team AlphaTauri will also be able to supply its own engines. For the first time, the Austro-British team will be completely independent of an engine partner and will dare to take the step towards a perfect works team.

Maybe with an exciting new person at the top? After all, Mercedes engine guru Andy Cowell only announced his departure from the world champions last year. Horner waves it aside: “As far as I understand, his interests are currently outside of Formula 1.”

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What does the Honda exit mean for this year?

“Honda will operate normally this year. ©

 The y committed to December 31st.” Until then, the engine partner will also be working on the new E10 fuel together with mineral oil partner ExxonMobil – “the biggest rule change for next year,” said Horner.


 The  engines will then be handed over to Red Bull in January, “at this time in the coming year for winter tests”. ©

 The  team boss emphasizes that the Japanese will continue to develop and optimize the engine up to this point as if they would not get out at all. This should enable Red Bull to get off to a smooth start in 2022 if development is frozen.

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Honda exit: what’s next after 2021?

When we talk about Red Bull, of course we have to talk about Honda. Only a few weeks ago it became known that the Formula 1 Commission had approved the “engine freeze” proposal. That paved the way for “Red Bull Powertrains”. What does that mean in concrete terms? Red Bull will continue to use the engines even after the Honda exit at the end of the year, take over the technology, know-how and employees from the Japanese and continue to operate the drives at their own expense.

“It will then be a Red Bull engine, just like a Mercedes is a Mercedes engine,” said team boss Horner on February 15 when the new project was announced. This is designed for the long term, the investment is ultimately “quite significant” and has to pay off. From 2022 to 2024 the development of the engines will be frozen, in 2025 a new engine formula is to be introduced.

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How did Red Bull launch in previous years?

We look at that now in this photo series. We’re even going back a little further and also shedding light on the predecessor teams at Red Bull. Have fun with the little time travel!

Photo gallery: All Red Bull presentations

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When does the presentation take place?

A reader has just written to us telling us when the Red Bull presentation will take place today. Unfortunately, the team did not provide an exact time for the launch. ©

 The refore the first pictures could be published at any time – of course we keep our eyes open!

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What does Red Bull expect from Sergio Perez?

“It will be difficult for him to be at eye level in just one test [mit Max] to be. But he has the advantage that he has a lot of experience. And of course we expect him to be close to Max and to be able to challenge him – as with Daniel Ricciardo, “the team boss explains the expectations.

Horner hopes Perez will play a “really important role on the team”. But it is also clear that Verstappen will continue to be number 1 in the team. “He has developed tremendously in the past few years. What he got out of the car was simply impressive. He did a fantastic job.”

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Why did Red Bull sign Perez?

A big topic at Red Bull was of course the occupation of the second cockpit next to Max Verstappen. Alexander Albon had to leave, but Sergio Perez was brought in for 2021. For the first time since 2007, the top team did not choose a junior from their own forge. Horner admits that this was an “extremely difficult decision”.

It was “unusual” that a driver like Perez was available at all. “We thought it would be better for us to have a more experienced driver at Max’s side.” ©

 The  Mexican convinced with his performances at Racing Point, especially in the second half of the season.

By the way: Horner already knows Perez from his GP2 years, back then he even drove for the British team.

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How Red Bull wants to prevent a weak start to the season

We remember the start of the 2020 season: ©

 The  Red Bull was once again a difficult-to-drive car that sometimes became unpredictable. Even top star Max Verstappen had his problems in Spielberg. Again the team struggled with correlation problems. Means: ©

 The  data obtained in the wind tunnel did not match the reality on the track.


 The  problem is solved? “I don’t know – we’ll see when the car drives,” replied team boss Horner. His troops worked “very hard” to understand the problem. “We learned a lot in 2020.”

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Video: ©

 The se are the rule changes in 2021

What rule changes is Christian Horner talking about, are you wondering? We’ve packed the details in this pretty video. All the rules that change this season, explained in compact form. Have fun!

Take this opportunity to take a look at our YouTube channel and subscribe to our account, then you won’t miss any more videos!

F1 rules 2021: you must know these changes!


 The  F1 season 2021: boring transition year instead of a planned revolution? No! Using ten examples, we show what is changing … More Formula 1 videos

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Abu Dhabi victory a sign for 2021?


 The  victory in Abu Dhabi also led Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff to say that Red Bull had the fastest car at the end of last year’s season. But you don’t want to believe that with the cops. “I think that Mercedes didn’t get the best out of their package in Abu Dhabi. ©

 The y are going into the season as favorites again this year. ©

 The y are the team to be beaten,” stressed Horner.

But he also admits that the rule changes (trimming of the underbody and diffuser) were more far-reaching than originally thought. “We hope that we can apply the lessons we learned last year with the RB16B – because it is an upgrade from last year’s car.”

At least he admits that his team has been the “most constant challenger” for Mercedes over the past seven years.

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How much is actually new on the RB16B?

That’s an exciting question, after all, the further development of the racing cars was severely restricted in order to save costs. Team boss Horner revealed in December that around 60 percent of the new car will be taken over from the previous model. “I would say that 60 percent of the car comes from the RB16. A lot of parts will still be used next year.”

Positive aspect: Red Bull is already starting the year with a “decent base”. After all, the team won two races in 2020, the performance at the season finale in Abu Dhabi was particularly impressive. “We know our weaknesses compared to our competitors, and we will focus our development on them in winter.”

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Further development: “Intensive winter” for Red Bull

How did the Austrian-British team’s winter preparation work out under special circumstances? Christian Horner speaks in the new edition of the ‘Autosport’ magazine of an “intense winter”, also due to the pandemic. “Generally we are in good shape. We were also helped by the fact that a large percentage of the regulations were transferred, which is unusual.”

Only very few employees were directly affected by Corona, the Briton is happy. “We were also lucky to have a very large factory, so we were able to divide the people up.” Most of the production was intact, the designers and other areas took turns rotating and sometimes working from home.

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 The  predecessors of the RB16B at a glance

Red Bull has been involved in Formula 1 as its own team since 2005, and the team has been among the world’s best since 2009 at the latest. We look back on the previous cars from Milton Keynes …

Photo gallery: All Formula 1 cars from Red Bull

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Marko: Mercedes is “the clear favorite”

Yesterday we reported on exciting statements from Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. ©

 The  Viennese believes that Red Bull could already be dangerous in the transition year – due to the trimming of the sub-floor. That “forced” a rethinking of the concept.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Motorsport Consultant, is happy about the roses, but makes it clear via ‘’: “We hope to be at the forefront, but Mercedes is the clear favorite. Since the hybrid era in 2014 they have eventually won all titles. “

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Why there won’t be an RB17


 The  car we will see today will not be called the RB17, but the RB16B. ©

 The  reason for this: “It is the first time that we are taking a chassis with us into the new season. And because of the homologation regulations, there is also a high percentage of parts,” explains team principal Christian Horner at ‘auto motor und sport’.


 The refore it is “more honest” to call the car RB16B. ©

 The re will therefore never be an RB17, and the new car will be named the RB18 in 2022.

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Red Bull RB16B presented Verstappen Perez


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